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60 Times Google’s Doppelganger App Trolled Its Users

I seriously cannot stop laughing at #3.






Google recently added a feature to their “Arts & Culture” app, and it is unlike anything we have seen or tried before. It basically uses facial recognition technology that matches a person’s selfie with a famous portrait. The portraits in particular are acquired from a database packed with celebrated works collected from around 100 museums worldwide. To put it simply, the chances of getting a half-decent match is quite high.

Apparently though, the results are quite mixed. And it appears to be the “real deal” of the app, as people started posting their hilarious matches online. Unfortunately for people outside of the United States, the app is yet to be available internationally.

Well, of course, there is really nothing to worry about. We bet Google will definitely make this app available to everyone eventually. For the mean time, why not enjoy the compilation of hilarious matches below and treat yourself to a great laugh.

Check them out below:



Source: ryanw79




Source: joshuafu


Source: kumailn


Source: netflix


Source: neilhimself

Source: 666styx

Source: liam_bp


Source: spiffyzebra

Source: NyleDiMarco

Source: prindaw


Source: pisfac

Source: emkatueltra


Source: dogcalledpig

Source: Matt Moberg

Source: Jackson



Source: Mark Hughes

Source: Ephie


Source: Xandra Kirby


Source: aimorris

Source: tbaumzz

Source: ialdb



Source: Kate Hudso

Source: Lex_Layne

Source: AbbeyScott16

Source: bahenderson

Source: elena_bjj


Source: lipuff


Source: bethrkelly

Source: petewentz


Source: alenahelzer

Source: amyululani

Source: ash92596


Source: julie925

Source: carlagannis

Source: arynn_troupe

Source: alfaroleo79

Source: Moosigoosi

Source: ashleyas0513

Source: emilybullins

Source: occhioalato

Well, if you do not find them hilarious, you must be fun at parties!

If you have tried this app before, go ahead and share it to us in the comments below!

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25 Crazy Hilarious Things Only Overprotective People Do

These people just need to chill sometimes. Seriously.




Some of us are just overprotective when it comes to a lot of things. It could be towards a pet, a car, a family member or loved one. We care about them so much that we try our best to make an educated decision - and there is just no limit to our imagination when it comes to such, so to speak.

This is exactly what this compilation is all about. Today, we are going to feature some of the hilarious things only overprotective individuals can do.

Scroll down below and see for yourself!

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Photographer Botches Family Portrait In An Unbelievably Hilarious Photoshop Fail

At least the dogs look great in the photo!




Pam and Dave Zaring only wanted to have a decent, if not perfect, family portrait last year. However, what they got when they hired a “professional photographer” from Missouri was a series of photos that quickly went viral on social media for the funniest reason.

When doing post-photo editing, it’s either you do it just right to produce a beautiful photo or you overdo it and ruin the whole thing. For the Zaring’s, the latter happened when they paid Lesa Hall to take their pictures in May 2017.

What would you do if your family portrait came out looking like this?

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Guy With Legendary Photoshop Skills Puts Himself Into Celebrity Photos

His self-portrait skills are just darn legendary!




Ah, the wonders of photo editing. With the time people spend in front of their computers, it's always possible to learn a skill or two. This guy from Indonesia certainly made great use of his idle time and elevated his Photoshop skills to legendary levels!

So inserting yourself in celebrity photos is nothing new. But Syahril Ramadan takes it to another level with how he conceptualizes ideas and the way he "acts" on the photos. He certainly looks like he was actually IN the photo.

You gotta give it to the man. His self-portrait skill is just darn awesome.

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