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‘Three-Breasted’ Hoaxer Now Wants Real Third Boob

She’s crowdfunding for her boob job.

  • Jasmine Tridevil became viral after claiming she had a third breast implanted in a surgical procedure.
  • Her claim was eventually proven to be fake.
  • Now, she is crowdfunding to make it real.

Jasmine Tridevil, whose real name is Alisha Hessler, shocked the internet when she previously claimed that she had a third breast surgically attached to her chest for $20,000. However, it was eventually proven to be fake.

Five years later, Jasmine is back in the internet spotlight sharing that she now wants to make the hoax a reality. She is also crowdfunding for her boob job.

In 2014, many commentators claimed Tridevil’s third breast was a wearable prosthetic, especially as she once reported a “3 breast prosthesis” stolen when her bags went missing at Tampa Airport. She has repeatedly denied she is perpetrating a hoax, but the thermal video camera footage taken with a $100 device shows that there is no blood in her so-called third breast.

After the confirmation that it was indeed a fake breast, Tridevil now wants to make it a real part of her body.

She said in her YouTube video:

I have grown to adore the fantasy of having this body type. There is just something strangely seductive about this look to me... So once I realized that a third breast is genuinely what I want I contacted hundreds of surgeons.”

However, multiple surgeons declined her request except for one. Tridevil earlier said she wouldn’t reveal the identity of the doctor, but to avoid being called a liar yet again, she said the surgeon’s name and location, saying that he is based in Miami Beach.

In the video, she shared that the only thing she needs now is the funds. Apparently, the operation itself costs $50,000, but she has requested a further $20,000 for things like rehabilitation and emergencies.


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