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This Luxurious Willow Tree House Is A Perfect Getaway Tucked Within New York





Our parents or we might have tried to put together a tree house when we were children. It is magical in a sense that it’s like stepping on a new world. Tree houses serve as a blissful escape to the trappings of modern life. Moreover, it is a testament to how nature and people can coexist together.

However, in our modern lifestyle, it’s hard to have a getaway where you can enjoy nature, that is if you only have the weekends off or a few days of rest days. The good thing is that this tree house that is just within New York City and is open for you to enjoy.

Between the hustle and bustle of New York, in the town of Woodstock, lies the breathtaking Willow tree house.

Source: Insider

This peaceful hideaway is lying on 35 acres of forest paradise. Quietly nestling amid the woodland forest, this cabin on stilts is the perfect getaway from the bustling city life.

Designed to perfection by Antony Gibbon, and built by William Johnson, this tree house boasts of floor to ceiling windows.

Source: Insider

It is overlooking a relatively large pond. The glass panels accommodate a full view of the landscape. It offers a 360-degree view of the surrounding greenery. You’ll be surprised to find a spacious living area, a fully furnished kitchen, and has a loft bedroom that’s accessible by ladder.

This spectauclar tree house is the coolest Airbnb in NYC.

Source: Insider
If you can’t get enough of nature, you can get some firewood and use their wood burning bathtub just down the house.

Source: Insider
Its unique design allows the lower level deck to provide shade all day, which is ideal for barbeques or just to read and relax.

Source: Insider
This place allows you to connect with nature.

Source: Insider

This place is ideal for people who want to go offline. To be able to switch off and momentarily escape the distractions of our modern world. This nature getaway is perfect for those who are looking to relax but can only go to nearby places.

The lofted cabin will surely make you reminisce your childhood where you experience the happiest times from the simplest things.

Book a night or several days with your special someone or even your friends to experience the wonder of nature a few minutes from New York City.

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