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Teen Gets Rewarded With Car and Scholarship After Spending 10 Hours Cleaning Up The Neighborhood

When you do good, good comes back to you.

Mark Andrew




  • Antonio Gwynn Jr, 18, got himself busy for 10 hours, cleaning up the streets of Buffalo, New York following widespread protests in the area.
  • His good deed captured the community’s attention and much to his surprise, great rewards came his way because of his hard work.

An 18-year-old high school student recently made headlines after spending 10 hours cleaning the neighborhood. According to reports, Antonio Gwynn Jr watched the news and saw the devastation left by widespread protests in the area. He realized people would be using the street the next day and so he did something about the problem.

By 2 AM, he left his house with his cleaning tools and started tidying the place up. When some people in the neighborhood came out to clean, they were surprised when they realized the teen already finished everything for them.

Word about Antonio’s good deed immediately spread in the community.

Naturally, many praised the youngster for what he did. Little did he know, however, that his simple act of kindness will bring tremendous blessings to his life.

Case in point, Matt Block decided to give his red Mustang car to Antonio.

According to Matt, he wasn’t using the convertible so much and was planning to sell it. He immediately changed his mind after hearing about Antonio’s story and when he learned that the teen has been asking online for advice about purchasing a car.

In a media interview, the generous car donor said:

“I couldn’t come to grips with selling it and this was a good way of getting rid of it and knowing that it’s going to go to someone who appreciates it.”

Businessman Bob Bricelandlater heard about Matt’s goodness and decided to offer a year’s worth of car insurance.
Meanwhile, Buffalo’s Medaille College also contacted Antonio to grant him a full college scholarship.

“I appreciate everything everyone is doing for me.” Antonio said.

Watch this video report by WKBW TV:

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