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Ayam Cemani Chicken From Indonesia is 100% Black Inside Out!





Many people who see a photo of the Ayam Cemani chicken for the very first time think that the image has been Photoshopped. Indeed, it’s hard to believe that the rare chicken from Indonesia is literally all black.

The write-up on the Cemani Farms website points out: “The Ayam Cemani are the most rare and exotic breed of chicken in the world.” For the record, every part of the chicken is completely black. Even its internal organs are black. Perhaps, the only part of the chicken that isn’t black are the eggs laid by the hens.

It can look fierce and creepy at the same time.

They chickens have a condition known as fibromelanosis. Although the condition is considered a pigmentation disorder, it has clearly become a unique feature of this particular chicken. The so-called disorder has ended up making the chicken look cool (for lack of a better word).

It’s black from the top of its head to the tip of its claws.

The all-black fowl is originally from Java, Indonesia. Superstitious beliefs have tagged them as creatures of mystical powers. As such, their meat is often used as ingredients for folk medicine. They are also used as offerings in sacrificial rituals to ensure good fortune.

Oddly enough, the chicken’s eggs have white shells.

Source: Cemani Famrs

In the early 19th century, Dutch traders discovered the all-black chicken and decided to introduce it to the rest of the world. Naturally, the chicken’s striking appearance made it attractive to people searching for exotic fare.

Eventually, the all-black chicken meat was served up by select gourmet chefs. In time, the chicken was dubbed as the “Lamborghini of Poultry.” The chicken’s price tag also reflects that, as a pair would cost a whopping $5,000.

Each chicken is about $2,500, so imagine this soup’s price.

Source: Cemani Farms

Those who have tasted Ayam Cemani dishes have claimed that it’s tastier than the average chicken. Then again, people expect them to taste better because of their astronomical price. We have to admit that not everyone would be willing to part with that much cash just to get a taste of an all-black chicken.

So, perhaps, they should just be kept as pets? They’ll probably be effective in scaring away a lot of people.

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