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Thief Punches Woman’s Face in Front of Her Kids After She Stops Him From Stealing

A mother gets punched in the face and kicked in the stomach by a thief she stops from stealing. This video has caused quite an outrage in Sweden.


The news just keeps getting crazier by the minute. This is a shocking story that took place in Stockholm, Sweden earlier this month, when a thief punches a mother after she tries to stop him from robbing an elderly woman. This happened earlier in the month at a tube station and was caught by security cameras. The attack has caused quite an outrage in Sweden and the head of the investigation has sworn to catch the thief.

In the video, it clearly shows an elderly woman walking out of Gamla Stan tube station in Central Stockholm, getting her phone out of her bag. While she was answering the call, the thief walks up behind her and tries to steal the wallet out of bag. This is the moment when a mother steps in and foils the attempted theft.

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The mother who was walking in the opposite direction with her two children, sees what was going on and screams for the old lady to watch out from being robbed. According to the lead police investigator Stefan Tellqvist, ‘the mother who sees this screams to the old lady to watch out, and pushes the man’s hand out,’ he said in a statement to SVT, a Swedish news website.

Thief punches mother in the face after she foils his attempt to steal.

Thief punches mother in the face after she foils his attempt to steal.

The thief turns to the mother who was holding on to her two children, kicks her in the stomach and hits her hard on the face. He then proceeds to walk off, leaving the woman in shock while she was shouting at him. Seconds later, the perpetrator returns to the scene of the crime and spits on her face as she was holding on to her children.

According Mr. Tellqvist, ‘It is the worst thing I have ever seen during my years as a police officer. I will get him if it’s the last thing I do.” The police investigator added that he is due to retire this year and has made it his personal mission to put the thief behind bars.


Engine Failure Forced Student Pilot to Make an Emergency Landing on a Busy Freeway

A plane having an engine problem landed on a freeway! This is just shocking and terrifying! Will this kind of experience scare you or stop you from travelling?

Sometimes experiencing intense turbulent movements make some passengers scared but what more when you realize something is wrong with the engine of your plane?

Although very terrifying, it’s best not to panic and try to find a solution as quickly as possible in emergency cases like this.

This kind of scenario was experienced by a 27 year old student pilot and his instructor on a normal training day.

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Cop Thinks No One’s Looking, But Now His Selfless Gesture For Homeless Man Went Viral

A local police officer helps a homeless man, someone snaps a photo and the post goes viral on the internet.

It is the littlest of gestures that count the most. And more often than not, these gestures are those that are unexpected and come from the heart. Media outfit Love What Matters recently posted about an incident that occurred in a McDonalds store in Morrison, Illinois. A local police officer dropped off a homeless man at the fastfood joint, telling him it was a good place to keep himself warm.

Sgt. George Depuy drops off a homeless man at a MccDonalds joint an gives him money for food.

Sgt. George Depuy drops off a homeless man at a MccDonalds joint an gives him money for food.

Alex Fischbach observed what had happened and submitted the photo and story to Love What Matters. According to Fischbach, the local cop then insisted that the homeless man take his money and order food for him to eat. In the post, Fischbach mentioned, "He wasn't looking for any recognition, or any form of gratitude. He did it purely out of the kindness of his heart."

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Talk About Awkward! Ms. Universe and Ms. Colombia Face Off Steve Harvey

Are Miss Universe and Miss Colombia ready to see Steve Harvey again?

This might be the interview that will put an end or spark even more flames to the Miss Universe crowning fiasco last December. Almost a month has passed since the incident but the characters involved in this unfortunate drama are still up on spotlight.

Having the gall to invite both girls on his show, pageant host Steve Harvey will have a one-on-one face-to-face interview with the two lovely ladies. However, it will not be a Miss Universe and Miss Colombia face-off as some might expect. Instead, both girls will appear on Harvey's talk show but on different dates. Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach is scheduled for January 18 and Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez slated at January 19 (check your local TV listings for the exact time of the show).

For those who will miss the interviews on their tellies, uploads of the interviews can also be found in Steve Harvey's official YouTube channel and website. We can't wait to watch how this interviews will go down!

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