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Her Father is Late for Her Dance Recital. Why? The Reason will Move You to Tears!

All they wanted is to spend more time together.


Most of us stress the importance of spending quality time with the people we love, but sometimes, our busy schedules get in the way of that. Although we want to enjoy every bit of those precious yet limited moments with them, we always put it off thinking that there will always be tomorrow.

But what if our time or the time of those we love are cut short? Won’t you regret not having said or done the things that you’ve always wanted to do with them?

This heart-warming advertisement from Quaker Canada entitled The Recital, shows us how valuable and short life is to let precious moments just pass us by.

The story is probably quite common: it’s the biggest and most important day for her; it’s the day of her dance recital. She wanted her dad to be there. In fact, aside from dancing, all she wanted is to spend more time with him. But, on that very special occasion, the seat next to her mom was empty. Her mom was trying to call her dad, but he wasn’t answering his phone. Where is he?

If you think you already know what happened, think again.

Grab a tissue and watch the video:

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H/T: Quaker Canada


Shop Owner Saw This Homeless Man as Nuisance – Until He Suddenly Went Missing.

There’s always something more than meets the eye.

As human beings, we have an innate tendency to protect ourselves and our loved ones. We’ll do everything to keep them safe. Even animals behave this way.

We also instinctively protect our territories, especially if we’ve worked hard to obtain them. As the fruit of our hard labor, we naturally don’t want it to be defiled, so we tend to get rid of anything around it that are unsightly, right?

So what would you do if you see a dirty, smelly homeless person in your territory? Moreso, to find him in a place that you have to keep neat and beautiful so you can attract customers?

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For 22 Years, This Man Single-Handedly Carved a Road Out of a Mountain For His Wife

This man proves love can really move mountains.


“All I want is a road, a school, and a hospital for our people. They work so hard. It will help the women and children in our village. ” -- Dashrath Manjhi, Mountain Man

India, 1960 - The remote areas of Gaya, Bihar in Northern India was home to Musahars, or the caste-less citizens. Having no caste, they were denied access to the most basic rights and amenities - they had no water supply, electricity, roads, school, and hospital. The nearest hospital was 70 kilometers away, and a 300-foot tall mountain stood between their community and civilization.


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This Olympic Athlete Still Finished The Race Despite All Odds

A true story of heartbreak, passion, and determination that will inspire you.

If we want to reach our dreams, we have to work hard to get it. But, there may be times when we'll encounter difficulties. Some people will bring us down and discourage us, and they may succeed in doing so. We will feel inadequate, depressed, and hopeless.

But, our lives shouldn’t end there, we shouldn’t give up. But, our lives shouldn’t end there, we shouldn’t give up. Instead, we should look at that scenario in a positive light, those discouragements and disappointments can help us re-evaluate our goals in life. We should ask ourselves, are we willing to risk everything to pursue that dream?

And if you feel like giving up, watch Derek Redmond's video during the 1992 Olympic games. Witness his passion and determination---for it seemed like those were the only things left in him to finish that 400-meter race in Barcelona.

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