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The Debate is Over: Coffee is Healthier Than Tea





The age old debate on which beverage is better than the other has finally been settled. Of course, coffee lovers will tell you that it’s coffee hands down.

Tea drinkers will refute that and say tea is the best there is in the world. But when it comes to health benefits however, coffee wins this round. Joseph Rivera of Coffee Chemistry weighs in on the issue and gives us the lowdown:

Coffee helps in the prevention of depression


Studies show that moderate consumption of coffee has decreased suicide intentions in teens. It has been proven to decrease depression among those who suffer from the disease. Going to coffee shops increases social engagement and love for community as opposed to sipping on a hot cup of tea that is normally related to loneliness.

Bowel movement is more regular

Bowel movement is more regular

According to Rivera, “Coffee contains a high concentration of chlorogenic acid, which increases the rate of bowel movements by the production of gastrin and cholecystokinin.” One of the benefits of regular bowel movement is it lessens the risk of colon cancer.

Coffee increases iron levels which lessens risk of liver cancer

Coffee increases iron levels which lessens risk of liver cancer

Consuming coffee in moderate amounts binds the polyphenols found in coffee, lowering its concentration. Aside from prevention of liver cancer, coffee also reduces the possibility of hepatitis C, liver cirrhosis and fatty liver disease.

Coffee lovers are unlikely to use drugs

Coffee lovers are unlikely to use drugs

Source: Gideon

Caffeine pretty much has the same effect as that of drugs such as cocaine. According to a Brazilian study, high consumption of coffee lowers the craving for drugs. Consumption of tea won’t have the same reaction though.

Coffee can save a life

Coffee can save a life

Source: Clay Bitner

Sure, tea has more caffeine than coffee beans. But the moment the beans are brewed, coffee now has more caffeine. The boost in energy from a cup of coffee can make a person alert and save him from possible accidents. A pot of tea won’t give you the same results.

Now that you have the gist of why coffee happens to be healthier than tea, you might want to reconsider your next cup.

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