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The 5:2 Diet Could Help You Lose Weight Easily





Fasting is not easy, but a lot of people are resorting to this to lose weight. The 5:2 diet is considered to be the most popular intermittent fasting diet.

Netizens have been raving about the intermittent fasting diet after a new study revealed that dieters who count calories have sped up their metabolism and even lowered their risk of heart disease. So how does the 5:2 Diet work exactly?

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The 5:2 Diet is quite simple. The main reason why this diet is highly popular is that you can eat whatever you want while you’re in the program. Dieters can eat normal food for five days a week, then men are recommended to eat 600 calories and women for 500 calories in two consecutive days.

Because there are no requirements about which foods to eat but rather when you should eat them, this diet is more of a lifestyle. Many people find this way of eating to be easier to stick to than a traditional calorie-restricted diet.

The 5:2 diet may have several impressive health benefits, including weight loss.

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However, just like any other diet plans, the 5:2 diet is not perfect.

Registered nurse and Health Coach, Jacqui Smith, said:

“For the diet to be effective, there should be an element of healthy eating … Not only will this aid weight loss, but eating lots of rich, unhealthy foods will likely leave you feeling shaky and worse for wear on the fasting days when you restrict your energy. Overeating may also reduce any benefits you get from fasting.”

Jacqui noted that fasting is not safe for everyone.

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Since the 5:2 diet requires low-calorie meals, make sure that you choose the healthiest and most nutritious ones. And although the 5:2 diet is easy and could be good to try, it’s still a good idea to check in with your doctor to make sure there are no potential issues with you trying it.

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