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Plus-Sized Model Confidently Flaunts Her Body As She Redefines The Standards of Beauty.





We live in a society where beauty can be simply defined by the person you see on the cover of a fashion magazine. Society dictates that men should have a toned, athletic body; liquid eyes; and a perfect set of teeth while women should either have a voluptuous or skinny body to go along with a flawless, white skin; long, healthy hair; and full, red lips. Anything else other than that is considered a flaw—an imperfection that needs to be corrected. This is why most people who don’t fall under that “category” often decide to undergo long, painful hours of cosmetic surgery to lose weight or waste tons of money on pills and creams to hide the dreaded cellulite.

Sadly, some people fail to see beyond a person’s body type. No matter how beautiful your face is, (even if you’re way prettier than everybody else inside a room) if you don’t have the right physique to go with it, people would still criticize and say nasty things about you. They would give unsolicited advice, acrid remarks or worse—they’d bully you into thinking that you’re an unattractive, lazy, worthless human being. It’s harsh, but it’s a reality most overweight and obese people deal with every day.

Tess Holliday, otherwise known as Tess Munster, faced that kind of ordeal. At 17, she was forced to drop out of school due to severe and constant bullying. She was ridiculed for being a plus-sized woman, and her friends didn’t take her seriously when she told them that she wanted to become a model. After quitting school, Tess decided to master the art of hairstyling, became a makeup artist, and eventually, a fashion director.

From Mississippi, Tess moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of becoming a model.


Photo credit: Tess Munster
This stunning and sassy woman attracted numerous followers in the social media.


Photo credit: Internet/Vanguardia
Until she landed a major contract under MiLK, a London-based modeling agency.


Photo credit: Tess Munster
She is now a bonafide model.


Tess, now 29, looked exquisite in her photo shoot.


Photo credit: Tess Munster
This size 22 (UK size 26) model redefines the standards of “beauty”.


Photo credit: Tess Munster
“I want to challenge the society’s perception of ‘beauty’ and what’s acceptable in our industry and the world.”


Photo credit: Tess Munster
Tess defied the norms and made her mark in the industry.


Photo credit: Tess Munster
She inspires women across the globe.


Photo credit: Tess Munster
And she has the support of  her loving husband, Nick.


Photo credit: Tess Munster
Her journey may not have been easy, but she has surely proven something…


Photo credit: Tess Munster
We should learn to love ourselves for who we are…


Photo credit: Tess Munster
We should pursue our dreams and never give up even if others say it’s impossible.


Photo credit: Tess Munster
For the gorgeous plus-sized model, “there is no one way to be a woman, or to be beautiful.”


Photo credit: Tess Munster
We are all created beautiful and our individual differences make us even more special.


Photo credit: Tess Munster

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