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15 Terrible Tattoo Fails that Are Totally Cringe-Worthy





When you’re out looking for the perfect tattoo to put on your skin, you usually go through the research of finding out its meaning and its significance to you. Unless you’re one of the uber-trendy people who would get a tattoo for 15 minutes of fame, you definitely won’t want some passing fad to end up on your skin for decades to come.

Other than researching on the meaning behind your tattoos (especially if it’s symbolic or in a foreign language), you’d definitely want to check if your spelling is right. That’s definitely not your tattoo artist’s responsibility since they’ll be asking you a handful of times if you’re sure you want this word or this phrase on your skin forever. That applies to both spelling and grammar.

These trendy tattoos will end up being cringeworthy even before they’ve fully healed.

These trendy tattoos will end up being cringeworthy even before they've fully healed.

But despite this, you’d still wonder what the heck these clients (and to some extent, their artists) were thinking when these tattoos were finalized and inked.

1. We’re not sure if anyone would want to fudge you.

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2. I haet to break it to you…

3. I belife you need to go back to third grade.

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I belief. #couldntresist #tattoofail

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4. You’r going to regret this.

5. Should have procssed this one first.

6. Who’s Chist?

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7. You can do better then this.

8. You sure you won’t ragret this?

9. Wath the hell happened here?

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Wait, wath?

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10. Just as hartbreaking.

11. Disonor to your family, disonor to your cow.

12. You apparently needed more nolege.

13. Is Jude a good friend of yours?

14. You sure your artist doesn’t have a gudge on you?

15. Gotta love Justim Beaver.

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