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Vietnamese Homeowner Uses Old TV Sets To Build A Fence





Remember the last time you got excited over a television set? Some house owner in the Vietnamese island of Hon Thom took it to the next level by piling up dozens and dozens of television sets to form an entire fence.

Yes, you read that right. There is a whole fence made up of television sets.

Facebook user Thanh Tien visited Hom Thom and found an unusual house with old discarded television sets as its fence.

Tien took photos of the unique fence and posted it on his social media account, where it immediately went viral.

Apparently, the TV fence is very popular among tourists. It is located on the road to Hon Thom cable car. The fencing was made up of old but still intact television sets. The amazing thing is that despite being old and fragile, the television sets and cathode ray tubes have not been damaged by bad weather or vandalism.

The multi-layered fence attracts both tourists and locals.

While the fence is truly remarkable, it still raises many concerns. Some people find it amusing and visually entertaining (pun intended) while others are concerned about the risks it poses.

Because almost all the television sets used are old, they are fragile and could cause accidents if they break.

Also, if the cathode ray tubes break, it could pose a severe hazard to both the people and the environment. Some toxic elements contained in the television sets, like mercury and other heavy metals, could also get washed by rain into the earth. Hopefully, none of these dangerous things happen, especially when tourists and locals are near the attraction.

So, if you are visiting Hom Thom anytime soon, make sure to drop by this television set fence. Just take necessary precautions while enjoying the amusing view. After all, it’s not everyday we get to see a house fence made from a bunch of TVs!

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