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Teenager Brings Home Over Half Million Dollars For Winning Lottery Twice In Just One Week!





A lot of people in the world are desperate to win the lottery where getting a jackpot once can change your whole life. Well that’s definitely not the case of a California teen who’s obviously a darling of fortune.

No smell of desperation, no efforts done, no trials needed. 19-year-old girl Rosa Dominguez has a knack of picking the luckiest cards in a lottery as she hit not just one but two jackpots in just a single week!

Rosa Dominguez of California claims her prize at the California Lottery office and says she'll use them for shopping and buying new a car

Source: calottery

Many are probably envious of the lucky hand that this girl has. We definitely heard about thousands of lottery winners who hit the jackpot once in their lives, but someone getting two top prizes at 19 in just a week is a rare story of an unbelievable luck.

As Rosa was driving back home from Arizona, she suddenly fancied a luck in lottery, making her buy one $5 Power 5 ticket at a gasoline station in San Luis Obispo Country. Rosa then immediately scratched the ticket she picked and to her surprise, she saw the all the right combination to win the jackpot. The instant bonanza gave her an instant $555,555 which was the lottery’s top price!

The country lottery shared what Rosa felt after finding out that she won. “Ms. Rodriguez almost cried because of so much happiness and nervousness.” reports the California lottery.

She won the lottery jackpot not once but twice – in a single week!

Source: calottery

After a few days of being an express rick kid, Rosa Rodriguez again dropped in another gasoline station, this time in Monterey Country, and bought another $5 Lucky Fortune ticket. To the craziest shock of her life, the scratch card Rosa got gave her her second top price win which is worth $100,000 this time around.

This very fortunate teen, Rosa, then went to the California Lottery’s East Bay District Office to collect her hefty $655,555 total winnings. The amused, lucky teen even shared to the lottery office members how she would spend her money.

Watch the video here and see for yourself:

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