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Beauty Contestant Does Science Experiment In Talent Round, Wins Miss Virginia Title




  • 24-year-old Camille Schrier recently joined and won the Miss Virginia 2019 competition.
  • During the talent round, Schrier conducted a science experiment known as the Elephant Toothpaste reaction.
  • Schrier is currently pursuing a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree and will represent Virginia in the Miss America 2019 pageant.

Camille Schrier, 24, did not go for the usual song, dance, or other talent performances when she joined the Miss Virginia competition. Instead, she chose to conduct a science experiment to wow both the judges and the audience.

Schrier, who is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a dual Bachelor in Science degrees in Biochemistry and Systems Biology, performed a science experiment that totally left a mark — one to beat in future beauty competitions.

With only a few Erlenmeyer flasks, hydrogen peroxide, and baker’s yeast, Schrier has triumphantly performed what’s known in the science field as the “Elephant’s Toothpaste” or the “Marshmallow” experiment. This experiment shows a beautiful eruption of a “volcano of foam.”

Although this experiment is usually done by younger children in school laboratories or even at children’s parties, it’s rare to see science experiments being done in beauty contests. This act is definitely a revolutionary take on beauty pageants.

In an email she sent to IFLScience, Schrier pointed out that she is a scientist more than a beauty queen. She’s always loved and dreamed of a career in the sciences field.

She wrote:

“The evolution of the Miss America competition, which reflects greater inclusiveness, and an opportunity to make a difference and win scholarships inspired me to step forward this year and compete. I am more than Miss Virginia. I am Miss Biochemist, Miss Systems Biologist, Miss Future PharmD looking toward a pharmaceutical industry career. Now was the time for me to create a mind shift about the concept of talent by bringing my passion for STEM to the stage. To me, talent is not a passion alone, but also a skill which is perfected over years of learning.”

Schrier is indeed a perfect example of beauty and brains. More than the crown, the sash, and the applause of the crowd present at the competition venue, Schrier will surely win the hearts of young girls and women aspiring to be beauty queens someday.

But even more importantly, she wishes to inspire people to pursue a career in the sciences and for the younger generation to do good in their studies. One of the main reasons why she did the experiment as her talent was to excite and engage other people more towards the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

In a blog posted by the VCU School of Pharmacy, Schrier shared how she wanted people, especially kids, to embrace science as exciting and not boring. She also shared how joining beauty pageants made her learn professionalism and how it became a tool for expressing her creativity.

“I’m trying to be like Bill Nye [the science guy]. That’s what I’m going for. I want kids excited, but I don’t want it to be boring.

“[Joining pageants] taught me a lot about being professional … in terms of being able to prepare a resume, go into an interview confidently, and how to prepare for something like that.”

Schrier is currently finishing her Doctor of Pharmacy degree in the Virginia Commonwealth University – School of Pharmacy. She is also expected to represent Virginia in the upcoming Miss America 2019 – and hopefully win the title, too. What talent will she be performing next?

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