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Teen Saves 14 People From Burning Building With Crane In 30 Minutes





A teenage boy is being hailed as a hero after rushing to the rescue when an apartment building caught fire. Reports revealed that the fire started from the first floor of a grocery store. Residents had a hard time fleeing from the apartment because of the heavy smoke.

Lan Junze works at a construction site in the Liaoning city of Fushun. When the 19-year-old noticed a nearby seven-story residential building going up in smoke, he quickly drove his crane over to help.

As seen in a cell phone footage from the fire, Lan used the crane to evacuate residents from the top floors of the burning building. Since Lan had no company at the time, his rescue mission wasn’t that easy.

Despite the difficulties that Lan faced during the rescue, he saved 14 people within 30 minutes.

He said:

“At that time, I only wanted to save people. I didn’t think of anything else. I didn’t have the time.”

People started calling Lan as the “Crane Man” for his heroic act. His good deed was then acknowledged by the local government. On May 12, Fushun Women’s Federation awarded Lan and his family the title “Best Family.”

He shared:

“My parents have educated me since I was a child. When others face difficulty, I must lend a helping hand. This is what I should do. Now everyone is safe!”

Netizens have since showered Lan with praise, with some saying that he deserves cash as a reward and that he deserves to be called a hero, while others expressed the opinion that the fire safety standards for constructions should be improved.

Some of the comments read:

“This young man is good, praises to him!”

“Now, such a person can definitely be called a hero.”

“This boy is so good! I can only give you as much compliments.”

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