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This Mother Did Not Receive Formal Education. How She ‘Taught’ Her Child? Amazing!





Children view adults as mentors. How an adult acts and reacts to life situations can greatly influence a child’s identity. We can all be considered teachers in the eyes of a child, as we share basic information that can help increase their knowledge.

However, the children today are more advanced, maybe because they now have access to unlimited information that are just one click away. But there is more to life that needs to be learned- things that only experience can teach, experiences that can help children become wiser.

This inspiring video depicts the difference between wisdom and knowledge. A simple yet powerful story that is clearly and cleverly presented. It is a story about a mother, her daughter…and a pineapple.

The mother earns a living as a fruit vendor. She has apprehensions whenever she wants to teach her daughter something because, unfortunately, she did not receive formal education. But how and what she ‘taught’ her child was probably the best education her daughter can ever get.

Watch their heartwarming video:

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