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Man Bought an Old Tank to Restore, He Finds $2.4-M Gold Instead

This collector traded two things to restore one old tank. Imagine his surprise when he found out that something else came with the purchase.


This man traded two things in to get a tank to restore. Little did he know that this is, perhaps, one of the best decisions he has made in his life.

It was a normal working day for Tanks-A-Lot owner, Nick Mead, and his mechanic, Todd Chamberlain, as they start to disassemble their newest project – a $37,000 Chinese Type 69 Tank – a Russian tank model sold between 1959 to 1968.

Nick Mead, 55, owner of Tanks-A-Lot, and Todd Chamberlain, his mechanic.


Source: The Sun

Todd later alerted Nick thinking that the fuel tank may be filled with guns, just like all the others that have come their way before. Nick, on the other hand, grabbed a camera to capture the opening of the tank. He wanted to ensure that everything will be documented for the police, in case the tank is really filled with illegal firearms.

When they opened the tank, according to reports from The Sun, the two were surprised to find 68.5-pound gold bars inside, priced at a whooping $2.4-M.

Five gold bars were found, weighing 68.5 pounds, and priced at $2.4-M. Wow!


The gold bars were believed to be among the loot of the Iraqi soldiers during the invasion of Kuwait in August of 1990. Upon their discovery, Nick turned them over to the police for measuring. In exchange, he got a receipt from the police.

Nick later said,

“Even if I don’t get any of the gold back I will still have my beautiful tank.”

The Sun also reported that the military guys had it stored in a safety deposit box in London. The gold bars will be measured, and a trace will be started to find out whether the original owners can still be found.

Watch this video made by Nick himself:

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Woman Employs ‘Shy’ Nanny for $5 an Hour, Finds Out She Has Actually Hired Princess Diana

Princess Diana’s former boss was certainly surprised to find out her identity.

Many people adore the late Princess Diana for a good reason. She had a kind and gentle spirit, and she exhibited true grace and humility despite her status as royalty. But before she became Princess Diana, Lady Diana Spencer lived a very quiet and private life, even as an aristocrat. She even once worked as a nanny, earning $5 an hour.

Back in 1980, an American businesswoman living in London named Mary Robertson needed help in taking care of her toddler son, Patrick. She needed a nanny to keep an eye on her boy while she worked. She called a local agency to look for a part-time nanny, and she was told that the only part-time nanny available was an 18-year-old young lady named Diana Spencer.

Mary Robertson didn't expect she'd hire an aristocrat.

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Recently Discovered Ancient Writings Suggest the Chinese Discovered America

Ancient Chinese explorers may have been the first ones to reach the Americas.

For years and years, we've been taught that Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas despite the fact that it's common knowledge that the Vikings landed in the region much earlier. Well, it turns out it's possible neither Columbus nor the Vikings should be credited for the discovery. Researchers recently unearthed more proof that suggests it was actually ancient Chinese explorers that first found the Americas.

Researchers have found ancient writings carved into rocks, and they believe these writings could mean Chinese explorers were in America long before any European ever landed there. The writings are believed to have been inscribed alongside the carvings of Native Americans from thousands of years ago.

Ancient writings could prove that the Chinese discovered the Americas.

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How the Spanish-American War, Not World War II, Made USA a Superpower

The little-known war in 1898 may have set the stage for USA’s rise to power.

Many believe that the Allied victory in World War II was instrumental in the United States of America's rise to power. This moment in history is often cited as the event that set the stage for the USA's eventual global domination, but it could actually be a lesser-known war that did so.

On April 23, 1898, the Spanish-American War officially began. This declaration of war against Spain was a major blow to the then global superpower. At the time, the US was just an emerging nation, and it was already at war with an established and powerful country.

Many attribute United States' rise to power to their World War II victory.

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