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Businessman in India Wears a $4000 Gold Mask As Coronavirus Protection




  • Shankar Kurhade described the mask as thin with “tiny pores… helping me to breathe.”
  • He said that people get “awestruck” and ask him for selfies.
  • The mask weighs more than 50 grams and took 8 days to make.

Wearing a face mask is recommended in most countries as protection against the coronavirus. From the disposable masks used in hospitals and sold in drugstores to colorful ones designed for a more aesthetically pleasing face covering, the means to cover one’s face is here to stay – at least for a long while.

But of course, there are people who wouldn’t settle for ordinary face masks, especially if you’re a businessman who can afford to wear whatever he wants.

Shankar Kurhade, an Indian entrepreneur, shelled out close to $4000 for a mask made of gold.

It’s not just for vanity; Kurhade truly believes that the $4000 gold mask can help protect him from the virus. He described the pricey mask as thin and “has tiny pores that is helping me to breathe.”

The businessman claims that his mask weighs more than 50 grams.

Kurhade, who is from the western city of Pune, is taking other precautions as well, and not just relying on the mask alone for protection.

The $4000 gold mask complements his jewelry, which he wears whenever he goes out. The 49-year old likes to adorn his body with rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Naturally, his gold mask makes him stand out from the people around him. He said that people often ask him for selfies and that they are “awestruck when they see me wearing the gold mask in markets.”

The mask took eight days and more than one craftsman to make.

Kurhade also said that he got the idea of the gold mask when he saw a media report about a man wearing a mask made of silver.

As of the moment, India has around 670,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus, with more than 19,000 deaths. The country has made wearing face masks mandatory in public places.

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