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Clever Guy Takes Life-Sized Cutout Of Late Mother To Attend His Graduation




  • A young man wanted his late mother to be a part of his graduation ceremony although his mom passed away in 2016.
  • He came up with a clever idea to create a life-sized cutout of his mother and brought it to the event.
  • People couldn’t help but praise the young graduate for his awesome idea that honored his mom.

Graduation day is usually the perfect time for a family to come together and celebrate a loved one’s achievement. Unfortunately, some beloved family members might not be able to attend. One clever guy didn’t let anything stop his deceased mother from seeing him graduate. He created a life-sized cutout of his late mom and brought it to the event.

Paulo John Alinsog was raised by a single mother who was determined to give him a proper education. Unfortunately, she never got to see her son graduate from college. The hard-working mom passed away in 2016 due to complications with pneumonia.

Paulo John with the cutout of his late mom.

Although his mother would no longer be able to attend his graduation, Paulo John decided to make her a part of the joyous event. He decided to create the cutout of his mom so he could take pictures with her on his graduation day.

Paulo John graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Business Management from the Lyceum of the Philippines (LPU). He also posted a touching message for his mother on Twitter.

“To my most beautiful mother. Mom, your eldest son has graduated. I hope you are happy in the company of God. This is what you wanted so I finished it. I love you very much,” he wrote.

Not surprisingly, people loved the idea and praised Paulo John for cleverly making sure his mother was a part of his graduation day. Some admitted that the story made them weep and told the young graduate that his mom was truly proud of him.

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