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Boy Chooses Goat As Graduation Gift Instead Of Gadgets





Because of their young age, most kids don’t own a gadget of their own. Instead, they borrow from their parents or older siblings if they want to play games, search for something online, or watch some videos.

But since kids most of the time get what they want during special occasions, like birthdays, Christmas, and graduation, they use this as an opportunity to ask for gadgets as a gift. But one boy in the Philippines is restoring our faith in young children, as he chose a goat instead of gadgets as a gift for his graduation day.

In a world of social media, people are feeling left out if they don’t own a gadget. In fact, kids don’t even go out as much to play with friends anymore as their time is being consumed by online games and videos.

But 11-year-old Alwytz Robiniol Gaoiran is an animal lover and prefers animals than toys or gadgets. So when he graduated at Buyong Elementary School, his big brother Alvin Gaoiran Robiniol granted his wish and bought him a goat just as he promised him. This is also to motivate him to reach his dream to become a mechanical engineer in the future.

Alvin took to Facebook to share how he was surprised when the 6th grader asked for a goat when asked what he wanted as a graduation gift. The proud brother said that he thought Alwytz would ask for a cellphone or tablet, but he was shocked that his younger brother asked for a pet that he could take care of instead.

Alvin noted that the goat is pregnant, so he told Alwytz to take good care of it because someday they might have a farm of their own.

Reports revealed that although their father, Ronnie, is a farmer at their hometown in Buyon village, Bacarra, Ilocos Norte, they could not afford to have farm animals. His mother, Brigida, works as a domestic helper in Kuwait, but her salary is barely enough to make ends meet for Alwytz and his seven siblings.

He already asked his mom for a goat last Christmas, but their money just wasn’t enough to get him one. But on his graduation day, Alvin, who is currently working in Manila, finally fulfilled his dream.

As seen in the viral photo, Alwytz showed off his new goat with a big smile on his face, which proves that it was the best graduation gift for him.

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