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Stubborn Dog Blocks Door So Owner Will Not Marry Groom





Dogs are very loyal to their owners. They love them unconditionally and would do anything to protect them. But one adorable dog took this protection to a whole new level on his owner’s wedding day. The pup didn’t even wait for the part when someone is given a chance to object in the wedding ceremony to make his feelings known.

What makes this incident even funnier is the fact that the dog likes the man a lot, and would normally welcome him to enter the house. However, he was acting strangely during the big day. It seems that the dog knew that something is up and he is not too happy about it.

The groom and his groomsmen arrived at the house of the bride on their wedding day. But the groom, wearing a sleek tuxedo and holding a beautiful bouquet, couldn’t get into the room because the dog hurriedly blocked it.

The hilarious incident, which took place in Henan, China, saw the dog stubbornly lying in front of the door as the groom tried to convince it to move.

No matter how hard they tried to move him, the dog just would not budge. It seems the dog knew that he had to share his owner’s love and attention with the groom.

The bride’s father even carried him twice to another area, but he still managed to run out to block the door. Finally, the dog was moved to another room until the groom managed to bring his bride out.

The bride later shared that the dog has been with her for the past seven years. Surprisingly, the pup is not known for being a brave dog as he would always tremble when hearing the sound of firecrackers.

Although the dog is very familiar with the groom, he probably have never seen any of the groomsmen before so he may have thought that they were all strangers and wanted to protect his owner from them. After knowing that he blocked the “strangers” from entering the room, the owner couldn’t help but feel touched by his furry pal’s loyalty.

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