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Story Of A Woman ‘Impregnated’ In The Mouth By Eating A Raw Squid Debunked





When a woman gets pregnant, it means that the sperm and egg cells have collided. It is apparently the union of two or more cells that successfully made it to the final race. This also happens to animals including squids that everyone loves to consume – raw or cooked.

The story of an unnamed Korean woman, who allegedly got pregnant in the mouth when she consumed a squid has now been swirling online. However, this story has been debunked by the medical team that performed thorough examinations on the woman when she was checked in their hospital.

The woman ate the squid's sperm bag called Spermatophores

Source: WikiMedia

Reports suggest that the 63-year-old woman bit the part of the squid where its sperm bag was located and felt discomfort in her mouth afterward. It turned out that the squid wasn’t carefully gutted when she ate it, which apparently caused her to feel pain in her mouth.

The doctors found “several small whitish spindle‐shaped stings” that were embedded in her mouth. Those small bug-like organisms that were found in her mouth were inaccurately referred to as baby squids by several media outlets.

The doctors have debunked this story and explained that there was no impregnation that took place. What caused the woman to feel a stinging pain in her mouth were the squid spermatophores or the packages of sperm.

The stings were stuck in her mouth when she devoured the parboiled squid.

Source: Max Pixel

The medical team made it clear that a human woman’s mouth is different from the female squid egg, which is obviously needed for fertilization. The squid spermatophores that were taken out from the woman’s mouth never developed into baby squids as what some media outlets claimed. The doctors also added that after the removal of stings, the discomfort was reduced and the wound healed relatively.

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