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Daughter Wanted To Send A Message To Her Astronaut Dad. So She Did THIS!





When astronauts are sent for a space mission, it is not only them who needs to prepare mentally, their families should, too. Space missions are often long and family members usually come to a point when they miss their astronaut loved ones so badly. It must be hard to have a parent who is an astronaut, and for 13 year-old Stephanie from Houston, Texas, long-distance calls just ain’t enough to fill her longing for her dad.

Stephanie wanted to create a visual representation of how much he misses his dad. Her father is fond of taking photographs of the Earth from the International Space Station, and so she thought she could create something that his dad can see and take photographs of from space. Good thing, car company Hyundai willingly helped her execute the plan.

Hyundai sent out 11 sedans that drew Stephanie’s message on the vast Delamar Dry Lake in Nevada. With the amazing coordination between the drivers and the helicopter pilots, they were able to successfully write “Steph [heart’s] you!” The drawing now holds the Guinness World Record for the largest tire track image, measuring an astounding 5,556,411.86 square meters or 59,808,480.26 square feet.

Eleven sedans were geared to create the sweetest message ever!


The cars and helicopters coordinate diligently to create Steph’s message.


Behold! The final product of the well-planned tire track message.


His father must have been smiling widely when he took photographs of Steph’s message.


The camera of Steph’s dad, which shows that he was able to capture her message clearly.


Watch the video:

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Credits: Hyundai

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