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Here’s Why Macadamia Nuts Are World’s Most Expensive Nuts At $25 Per Pound





There’s a good reason why Macadamia nuts are so popular. These yummy nuts are known for its rich, buttery flavor that makes it great for dessert. However, these tasty treats are also hard to come by. At $25 per pound, the Macadamia nut is also the most expensive nuts in the world.

But why are Macadamia nuts so expensive in the first place? It has a lot to do with the nuts’ production, a slow harvesting process, and pricey import prices. However, things could soon change and these delicious nuts could be readily available anywhere at a much lower cost.

Who doesn’t love the sweet, buttery taste of Macadamia nuts?

The Macadamia trees are indigenous to Australia. Although there are four tree species, only three are commercially important for their fruit. The Macadamia nut is also called bush nut, maroochi nut, bauple nut and Queensland nut. It is also popularly known as the Hawaii nut because macadamia trees were first commercially grown in Hawaii.

The main reason why Macadamia nuts are so expensive is that it takes much longer for the trees to bear fruit. it takes 7 to 10 years for the trees to begin producing nuts and it doesn’t get any easier from there.

The nuts are covered in a thick shell that protects it but also makes it difficult to tell if the fruit is ripe. This means the nuts have to be harvested by hand, making the process more work-intensive and costly.

The nuts are only harvested five to six times a year.

For now, Macadamia nuts are harvested in Australia, Hawaii, South Africa, and Latin America. However, they could soon be readily available in countries that import them the most.

China is reportedly planting macadamia trees so they could grow their own harvests. Reports claim that the country could produce half of the global macadamia crop by 2022. Once this happens, Macadamia nuts might no longer be the most expensive nuts in the world.

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