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Spanish School Teaches Boys To Do Household Chores To Promote Gender Equality




  • The male students of a school in Spain are learning how to sew, cook, and iron, thanks to a new special project.
  • The lessons are also attended by the boys’ fathers, who are also thrilled to learn how to do household chores.
  • The project was first introduced to promote gender equality.

Let’s face it: a lot of people still mistakenly believe that household chores are a woman’s job. However, a school in Spain is changing that stigma for its young students. The school is making waves for introducing special classes where boys are taught how to sew, iron, and cook.

Colegio Montecastelo is a school in Vigo, Spain that has introduced special home economics classes for young male students where they learn about carpentry, masonry, and plumbing. Interestingly, the lessons also include sewing, ironing, and cooking. These classes are expected to prepare the boys in helping with household chores that are usually done by women.

Male students of Colegio Montecastelo learning how to cook.

School coordinator Gabriel Bravo explained how the classes will help the young boys become better people.

“It seemed very useful for our students to learn to perform these tasks so that, when they form a family, they are involved from the beginning and know that a house is a matter of 2, it’s not a matter of the woman cleaning, doing the dishes, and ironing, ” Bravo said.

The classes are taught by teachers and volunteers at Colegio Montecastelo. Interestingly, even the fathers of the students help out and learn some new skills from the lessons themselves.

The classes are intended to promote gender equality around the campus.

According to Bravo, the classes were first proposed to promote gender equality around the campus. When parents learned about the idea, most of them were actually thrilled. On the other hand, the students were understandably more wary of the project.

Nevertheless, things have changed since then and Bravo says that the boys enjoy learning new things. He even pointed out that it was the first time for some of the boys to use an iron. But it was definitely a fun yet educational experience for everyone, according to him.

Not surprisingly, people are hoping that more schools will follow Colegio Montecastelo in the effort to encourage gender equality.

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