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Bullfighter In Critical Condition After Getting Attacked By Bull




  • Mariano De la Viña, 57, has been rushed to the hospital after he was gored by a bull during a bullfight.
  • He received serious injuries as a result of the accident.

When he got up for work that day, we’re pretty sure he wasn’t exactly looking forward to ending up in a hospital bed. But as they say, those playing with fire should, at one point, expect to get burned by it.

57-year-old bullfighter Mariano De la Viña learned his lesson the hard way when an angry bull attacked him and knocked him down the floor. The animal also gored him and threw him upwards, much to the shock of everyone present during a fair held at aragoza, Spain’s Plaza de Toros.

According to reports, De la Viña “suffered three cardiac arrests” because of the incident.

As you will see on the video below, the bullfighter was attacked by the animal more than once and so he ended up with some seriou wounds and cuts in his groin and rectum.

Doctors described the matador’s condition as “cataclysmic” but miraculously, he survived the whole ordeal after he underwent two operations. Now he is already conscious and while he’s still far from full recovery, physicians believe he will make it.

Other bullfighters rushed to the ring to distract the bull and save their fellow from further injuries.

In an interview, surgeon Dr. Carlos Val-Carreres shared that De la Viña’s condition is already stable but still “very serious.”

Watch the video below and see how everything happened:

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Although bullfighting remains a popular tradition ins Spain and several countries, numerous people have expressed opposition against the practice calling it a “barbaric form of entertainment.”

The official website of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) tells us that thousands of bulls are slain in bullrings every year. As campaigns for bullfight bans continue to increase, the number of people attending such events are gradually declining, the organization also added.

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