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Girl Surprises Stepdad With The Most Heartwarming Father’s Day Gift EVER

He couldn’t help but cry!

  • Twitter netizen Sophia Kallie surprised her stepdad with an awesome Father’s Day gift.
  • According to Sophia, he wrote her inspiring notes everyday for six years.
  • Now she took it upon herself to surprise him for Father’s Day.

What do we usually give our dads whenever Father’s Day celebration comes? Mugs. But do they deserve something more than that? Well yes, definitely – especially if they’ve been doing a great job being a parent, even if he isn’t one’s biological father!

Take it from this girl who took it upon herself to give her stepdad with a touching gift that drove him to tears. She took a video of his reaction and uploaded it on Twitter where it eventually gained a lot of love and attention from netizens everywhere.

What a heartwarming present!

20-year-old Sophia Kallie surprised Brian Sandusky, her stepdad, with a gift he won’t forgive anytime soon. You see, Brian, who is 46 years of age, used to write and leave short notes on her door to keep her motivated in school. And he did it on a daily basis for six whole years!

Unknown to Brian, Sophia kept all the notes.

She later presented everything to him, putting the small notes in a collage and then framing them.

As she shared in her caption:

“During middle school, my stepdad used to leave me a note on my door each day to inspire me. Well, I kept those notes and it’s been six years since then. Today, I give him those notes back. #HappyFathersDay”

Not surprisingly, the awesome post went viral on social media. Eventually, several news sources also covered the story, which further helped the post reach more people.

You can watch the video here:

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Well that is indeed heartwarming! Kudos to you, Sophia, for showing us all that good dads are indeed the best and they deserve the most special gifts we, their children, can think of.


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