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Sociology Professor Offended by “Men Working” Sign Gets Bashed By Netizens

“Thank you for being so brave and harassing the working class.”


One unfortunate fact about our time is that we’ve reached the point where everything can almost certainly offend someone out there. Case in point, one woman – who is actually a sociology professor – has taken an issue with a common road sign and took it upon herself to rant about it on Twitter.

Little did she know, however, that her little outburst would soon backfire as numerous netizens reacted to her post. And, man, they did so in very savage ways!

Caitlyn Collins, an assistant professor of sociology in Washington University, recently spotted a road sign that said “men working” and got triggered by it. So she decided to stand for ‘feminism’, took a photo with it, and started talking with the workers.

Collins asked them if there were any female workers on the site and one of them simply replied, “What? Oh. I don’t know. I’m just here.”

Collins later said that the sign is to blame for the fact that there aren’t any women working with them.

She later wrote on Twitter:

“This thread will be great teaching material.”

Unknown to her, netizens eventually would go out of their way to school her about her ridiculous act.

One wrote:

“Thank you for being so brave and harassing the working class.”

Another said:

“This is so not helpful. You actually do the opposite of what you set out to do, this isn’t empowering to women, it makes you (and the women you claim to defend) look fragile and easily triggered, petty. Not the vibe I’m going for. Get a grip.”

And then of course, it didn’t take long before the memes started pouring in…

Understandably, Collins has since tried saving her face by deleting the tweet. But alas, as with all things viral on the internet, her post has been screen captured and shared by many before she managed to erase it.


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