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A Little Girl’s Dream Comes True at Snow White’s Wishing Well





Every daughter is a daddy’s girl. There’s a special bond between a little girl and her father that is just hard to explain. Every little girl always wants their daddy to be on their side.

That’s just how Alyssa is to her dad. She loves him so much, that a daddy doll is enough to comfort her. Watching her delight in seeing his dad even just on a teddy will really show how a daughter loves her daddy. She was just emotional to hug her daddy that it doesn’t matter even if it’s just a daddy doll.

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But you see, being with a daddy doll isn’t just enough. Alyssa’s dream is to be with her dad for real and that her dad would finally come home.

So, she visited Snow White’s wishing well in Disneyland California to make that special wish.

I wish with all my heart that my daddy would come home.

How did her dream come true?

Now, that’s one touching reunion.


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