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A Little Girl’s Dream Comes True at Snow White’s Wishing Well

This is just so touching!

Grace Alviar Viray





Every daughter is a daddy’s girl. There’s a special bond between a little girl and her father that is just hard to explain. Every little girl always wants their daddy to be on their side.

That’s just how Alyssa is to her dad. She loves him so much, that a daddy doll is enough to comfort her. Watching her delight in seeing his dad even just on a teddy will really show how a daughter loves her daddy. She was just emotional to hug her daddy that it doesn’t matter even if it’s just a daddy doll.

Watch the video here:

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But you see, being with a daddy doll isn’t just enough. Alyssa’s dream is to be with her dad for real and that her dad would finally come home.

So, she visited Snow White’s wishing well in Disneyland California to make that special wish.

I wish with all my heart that my daddy would come home.

How did her dream come true?

Now, that’s one touching reunion.



Surgeon Calms a Crying 2-Year-Old Girl Ahead of Her Heart Surgery

This surgeon’s concern for his patient is commendable.

Jessa Ventures



These are by far the most inspiring and heartwarming images you will see today but the story behind them is even more compelling.

Captured by Anaesthetist Jin Ziying at Zhejiang University Hospital in China, these photos show Deputy Director of Cardiac Surgery Dr. Shi Zhuo with a little girl named Xin Er. She was a two-year-old patient with a pre-existing heart condition and had to undergo cardiac surgery. Like most kids, Xin Er was also scared at the sight of hospitals so she started crying inside the operating room.

“In reality, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a boy or a girl, they all get scared in the operating theatre,” Dr. Shi Zhuo told the Daily Mail.

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Quick Thinking Boy Saves 3 Kids From School Bus Sinking in Alligator Infested Lake

“It wouldn’t be fair if they died and I lived,” the young hero said.




A 10-year-old boy named Nicholas Sierra is being hailed as a hero because he rescued three children from a sinking school bus. According to the Tampa Bay Times, a Hillsborough County School District school bus was carrying 27 children when it accidentally loses control and flips into an alligator infested lake.

Being a school safety patrol member at a young age, fifth-grader Nicholas Sierra immediately ran to the submerged bus to save the day.

As other kids screamed in panic, the Mary E. Bryant Elementary School safety patroller chose to stay calm in order to save others. He instinctively grabbed a kindergartner, with the toddler tightly wrapping his arms around Nicholas' neck as he climbed out of the sinking bus.

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After Proposing to Her Single Mom, This Man Asked His Fiance’s Child to Be His Daughter Forever

The guy had a ring prepared for the little princess as well.




After asking his girlfriend to marry him, a man named William Ledbetter asked his girlfriend's daughter if he can be her father. The guy had a ring prepared for the little princess as well.

When Ledbetter popped the question to his girlfriend Paige Evans on their second anniversary, he made sure to include the most important person in her life too: Paige's 5-year-old daughter Maddie.

The man went down on his knees, presented a cute little ring, and asked his future stepdaughter if he can be her father forever.

stepdaughter prop 2

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