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Adorable Little Girl Gives a Wedding Etiquette Lecture to Her Dad





A wedding is one of the most important occasions, especially for little girls who are invited to shower flowers in the bride’s way. They just want to look their best and also have the limelight even just for a moment when they march down the aisle.

Jojo, who was invited as a flower girl in a wedding, gave a lecture to her dad on how to behave while at the wedding. You see, Jojo took her assignment seriously. She told her dad how to act while she tossed flowers on the aisle. She even said that her dad should not mention her name so the spotlight wouldn’t be taken away from her.

Watch Jojo lecture her dad here:

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You do NOT understand weddings. AT ALL.

We’re definite Jojo became an outstanding flower girl. We also hope she gets more wedding gigs too.

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