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Sleep in Less Than a Minute with This Breathing Exercise





Do you have trouble sleeping at night? I guess we all do, and we’ve tried all techniques: walking, drinking warm milk, Excedrin PM, and even those expensive sleep machines. We have become desperate in getting sleep that we’ve tried all kinds of techniques but have always failed.

However, there is one simple exercise we can all do to help us get better sleep. Health expert Andrew Weil, M.D. shared a technique that not only helps one sleep in less than a minute, but also helps improve one’s well-being.

It may sound impossible, but this technique has been shared in Weil’s talks and has been effective for most of his patients. And the best thing about this technique is that it does not require any machine or special ritual: it’s all about proper breathing.

The 4-7-8 breathing technique. Practicing this technique a couple of times a day not only helps one sleep faster (or better), it also benefits one’s health on a long-term basis.

Watch this video:

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Try this for yourself, and tell us if you were able to sleep in less than a minute. Leave a comment below.


H/T: Xavier Bloom

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