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The Easiest Trick to Put a Baby to Sleep in SECONDS





Babies are really hard to put to sleep, especially newborns who still don’t have the sense of night and day. We hear it from moms everywhere, “Why is my baby asleep at day and fully awake at night?!” Ah! Frustrations, frustrations. But did you know that there is one very easy method to end this dilemma?

We saw this interesting video that might be of help to the mommies out there who are struggling with the dilemma of putting their babies to sleep. The video features a baby crying and wailing at the beginning. But someone insisted on brushing a thin cloth on his face continuously for reasons we are not aware of. Seconds later, we were stunned at how the loud infant dozed off suddenly and instantly. It’s like there was an automatic ‘sleep button’ attached to that thin cloth that made the baby suddenly quiet down.

Watch the video here:

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Although this may not be effective for all babies, we think that there’s no harm in trying. Just be very gentle and make sure to provide a relaxed environment at bedtime. Let us know if it’s effective for you! Share your thoughts in the comment box below and share this post with your family and friends, especially to the new moms out there!

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