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40 Simple Yet Genius Ideas That Make Life a Little Bit Easier

These ideas are borderline genius!

It is true that the world is packed with people gifted with brilliant minds. Otherwise, we would not have the chance to explore the moon and Mars. While some individuals focus on advancing science and technology, there are those who develop ideas for everyday life. Their minds are just as worthy as the ones who thought of sending a package to deal flat-earth thinkers.

From clever pill bottles to witty street lights, these simple solutions prove to be a product of a brilliant mind. Elite Readers has a compiled a list of these things for your enjoyment. Check them out below and let us know which ones are your favorites!

#1. Wash your hands and reuse the water for your next flush… because why not?

Source: Amazon
#2. Free coffee you say?

#3. Ukraine’s traffic lights are superb!

Source: kfinny99
#4. This water fountain is designed to allow dogs to drink from it, too.

Source: rubenmelon
#5. 100 percent absolutely necessary!

Source: Reddit
#6. Desk parts that are separated by steps? That is genius!

Source: SandyDFS
#7. This mountain finder in Switzerland is a lifesaver.

Source: Reddit
#8. This is actuall an accessbility mat purposedly placed for people with disabilities.

#9. This toothpaste describe bot of its ingredients and their purpose accordingly.

#10. This witty elevator has a call button 30 meters away, allowing you to have plenty of time to get on it.

Source: lukeallen1
#11. This pill bottle is capable of telling you when you last opened it.

Source: CptnBo
#12. The curtain in this hotel room is designed to ensure that there is no annoying light gap in the middle.

Source: taharoto
#13. This elevator prides in buttons that you can easily kick.

Source: CarrollPC
#14. The roof of UPS trucks are actually transluscent, so the inside of the truck can be lit during the day.

#15. In Copenhagen there is a childrens bicycling playgroud, where they can practice bicycling in the city and learn the rules before they enter the streets.

Source: MY2200
#16. Believe it or not, this fence is shaped in a way that it can be used for seating.

Source: LLCenter
#17. This one here allows seniors and handicapped individuals to extend crossing time.

Source: Data_in_sg
#18. This restaurant has a “toeopener” for people who do not want to touch the doorknob to avoid germs.

Source: happysunbear
#19. These bikes come with airless tires.

Source: 9_ar7k
#20. A swing perfect for parents and kids who want to swing together.

Source: Bearat
#21. The paint lines on this parking lot extend up to the wall to help drivers see.

Source: Cindypi13
#22. A simple shopping cart with a calculator.

Source: Afrocean
#23. This USB drive displays information on how much storage is used.

#24. A gym in a laundromat? Well, why not!

#25. These sheets have a sign telling you which side to put them on.

Source: oremornayr
#26. A spatula stand that prevents the tip (one that touches the food) does not touch the counter.

#27. This bottle of whisky comes with a free public transportation.

Source: Holmes870
#28. A chair designed to place gloves, helmet, etc.

Source: kazarnowickz
#29. This therapy dog in an airport allows people to pet it before they fly.

Source: CilTheBard
#30. A local coffee shop that gives free compost made from used coffee grounds.

Source: dazz9573
#31. This collage has drink coasters that can determine common rape drugs.

Source: Akalade
#32. A set of batteries that come with a USB port to charge them.

Source: skyraider_37
#33. This laptop has a webcam cover.

Source: Blaze24
#34. This elevator in Osaka, Japan has a sign that informs you if it is raining outside.

Source: eigosensei
#35. A city that adds a safe place for conducting exchanges on the internet.

Source: durnJurta
#36. This bench can swing back and forth, allowing you to face either direction.

Source: cwm2355
#37. Some roads in Australia are so long drivers feel boring, so the government decided to entertain them with these signs.

Source: eppinizer
#38. This bar has a frost strip to rest on your drink so it stays cold.

Source: wolfos31
#39. Benches in Sweden are both friend and couple-friendly.

#40. A hotel room that comes with a complimentary android phone with free calls and data.

We can definitely agree that these genius ideas make life a little bit easier. Now, which ones do you love to see implemented in your country? Let us know below!

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