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How To Plan A Wedding Even Introverts Would Love





Weddings are social gatherings involving family and friends of the bride and groom. This means that, as hosts of the celebration, the future husband and wife would need to mingle and talk to everyone — even strangers from their significant others’ half of the guest list.

That definitely won’t work for introverts. Finding the right concept that would fit a shy or introverted person can be pretty challenging. Still, the good news for you is that it’s definitely possible.

In fact, there are several ways for weddings to become enjoyable even for introverted couples and guests.

Manage the family’s expectations.

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Often, it is the heaviest baggage introverts bear during weddings. Make sure to tell the family ahead of time that you will be doing a wedding that YOU like and not one made just to please them.

Next, ditch stressful traditions.

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Following traditions often make it harder for the bride and groom to do what they want in their wedding. Since most traditions aren’t very introvert-friendly, it is best to ditch them altogether. This will allow you and your partner to enjoy the occasion. After all, it is your special day!

When planning a wedding, it is also wise to…

Divide and conquer.

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Traditionally, the bride takes on the time-consuming tasks in wedding planning. However, it is better if the couple shares tasks as the husband can do what he’s good while the bride focuses on the activities where her strengths lie in.

But while this will make it get things done, nothing beats…

Delegating tasks to others.

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Introverts often need other people to do the talking for them, especially when organizing weddings. Don’t force yourself to not be shy if you can delegate it to another person.

Be it a wedding planner, a trusted best friend, or even a sibling, make sure that the person you choose knows and will follow your preferences, like…

Having a brunch wedding.

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Unlike dinner or lunch wedding receptions, brunches are less formal. This means that the pressure of acting prim and proper is reduced, if not removed altogether. Doing this will also make your wedding more unique and memorable.

Since you’re already delegating, make sure to…

Create a 'call anyone but the bride' phone list.

Guests, the entourage, and even vendors for the event often need something from the bride or groom. But if you are introverted married-couple-to-be, it is best to create a “call anyone but the bride” contacts list indicating friends or family who can handle certain event planning queries. This will help you avoid last-minute calls and the stress that come with it.

Speaking of stress, one wedding tradition that introverts may find a difficult time handling is not seeing their significant other in their wedding outfits. Remove the pressure and stress by…

Exchanging a “first-look” before the “I dos.”

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Once you are able to overcome this, you can also try other ways to lessen potential stressors, like…
organizing a sit-down ceremony.

Although most weddings occur with the bride and groom standing up, this can be torture for introverts as they feel all eyes staring at their backs during the ceremony. This will help you feel more grounded and into the moment.

To help introverts enjoy the occasion, it is best to prevent them from feeling that they are being the center of attention. You can also achieve this by…

Ditching wedding speeches.

Write them down instead. Wedding speeches also make it hard for the bride and groom to feel relaxed during their day. Even if they’re not the ones speaking in front of many people, they remain at the center of it all.

Another great idea to keep the party going without needlessly diverting everyone’s attention to the newlyweds is to
prepare conversation starters to avoid awkward small talk.

Small talk is a nightmare for most introverts. Unfortunately, there are a lot of these at weddings. To avoid the awkwardness, prepare conversation starters to help your guests find common ground with other guests.

You can also help satisfy guests craving for socialization while keeping small talk at bay by…

Doing icebreakers.

That awkward silence that sparks small talk can be easily remedied by customizing your old “Guess Who” playset. All you need to do is add your guests’ faces in it and follow the same rules of the game.

This is also a good way to help them get to know each other for when you…

Add non-dancing activities.

Dancing isn’t always a pleasant experience, especially for introverts. Although this has been a part of the tradition, it is high time to break the monotony of weddings by incorporating non-dancing activities like puzzles and other table games.

You can also…

Opt for a group dance instead of a solo first dance.

A group dance is a wonderful solution for when you want to dance with your new husband or new wife on your wedding day but are still too shy dance alone.

Skip the newlywed’s table.

Making a wedding introvert-friendly means that removing any chance of them being at the center of attention. This can only happen if you skip the newlywed’s table altogether as the bride and groom will only feel like they’re on display if they have a separate table from the crowd.

But even with all these, weddings can still be a bit taxing to an introverted couple. Because of this, it is important for you to…

Have a quiet, exclusive place ready when you and your partner need a break from socializing.

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Sometimes, socializing can be too much. To ensure that you and your partner are able to retain that happy glow until your wedding night, prepare a quiet place exclusively for the two of you. Choose a place where you can spend some time together without being interrupted.

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