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11 Signs That Show You’re Raising A Genius

Are you raising a genius?

Angela Beltran





Every child is special in his own way but some parents might wonder if their kids have above-superior intelligence over their peers. The important question, of course, is how to tell if a child is a genius.

All parents want to believe that their kids are special and unique and in some way, they really are! However, only a small percentage of children, are exceptionally geniuses – those who could potentially take the same path as some of the most gifted people in history such as Einstein and Mozart, among others.

Here are the signs that show you’re raising a genius:

#1. Impeccable Memory


Memorizing things could be a daunting task for some kids but for gifted children, it’s as easy as 1-2-3. If your baby is gifted, he or she may have an astounding memory from early on. Your daughter might remember where a hidden toy is or may memorize the alphabet easily.

#2. Racing Through Milestones

For every month a baby goes through, he or she can perform a particular milestone that is expected from his or her corresponding age group. A baby genius might perform some of the milestones earlier, Readers Digest reported. This is actually one of the first signs that you may be raising a genius. If your baby could crawl, walk or speak earlier than other babies, you might be the parents of the next Einstein.

#3. Highly-Developed Language Skills

Language skills don’t only mean being able to talk but also comprehend what they’re hearing. If your baby shows interest in you reading a book as early as 6 months, your child is most likely a genius. Babies that are gifted tend to become interested in what other people are saying and they seem to understand it.

#4. Detailed Knowledge Of A Hobby Or Favorite Topic

Source: Be

Children who are gifted may have in-depth knowledge of a particular topic or interest. If your baby loves science, he or she might give you all the scientific names of every animal or plant. If he or she loves history, reciting all the historic events can be easy.

#5. Prefer Talking To Adults Or Older People

Source: ambermb

Baby geniuses might prefer talking to older people because they find it hard to relate to children their age. They seem mature for their age.

#6. Loves To Read

If your baby loves to read, then that’s another indicator. When your child is gifted and a genius, he or she is a voracious reader and learns a lot from all the books he or she reads.

#7. Artistic, Good With Numbers Or Music

Source: sarab123

Gifted children are more likely good with numbers, arts or music.

#8. Able to Focus For Long Periods of Time

Typically, kids have a short attention span. However, if your baby is a genius, you can expect him or her to focus for long periods. He can read a book and stay in one place for a long time or focus on one task and stick to it until he or she finishes it.

#9. Asks Questions All The Time

Source: tooka

A gifted child is a curious child. Your baby will ask you everything under the sun because he or she clamors for knowledge. If your baby is extra talkative and is often asking a lot of questions, take that as a good thing.

#10. Imagination Is Overly Vivid

Source: Pezibear

Your baby is a genius if he or she has a wide imagination. If a child has an overly vivid imagination and makes up complex situations during play, it’s a sign that your baby is intelligent than other babies his age.

#11 Prefers Playing Alone

Source: Pezibear

Most intelligent and gifted children would rather play alone than with other kids.

Gifted children are unique in their own ways. If you believe that your son or daughter may be a genius, there are centers across the globe that conduct tests for gifted children.

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