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16 Signs He Makes You His First Priority





Being in a relationship with someone gives you that longing of being a priority in your partner’s life. You want to be more than just an option. Otherwise, the relationship will easily turn sour. Things don’t always turn out this way and sometimes, a lover will end up heartbroken and bitter for realizing that the person they treated as their “better half” doesn’t exactly feel the same.

On the other hand, if you’ve found someone who seems to be putting your needs first before anything else, you have a keeper.

Here are 16 signs your partner treats you as first priority:

1. He shows up on time.

He believes that you shouldn’t be kept waiting. If he said he’s going to meet you at a specific time, he’ll be there on the dot or he would even meet you minutes ahead.

2. He cares about what’s important to you.

What’s important to you will be important for him. He’s also interested in hearing what you have to say on the things that matter to you.

3. He will go out of his way just for you.

Whatever the circumstances, he will be there for you. He would drive miles just to rescue you from a car breakdown. No questions asked – your man will be there when you need him.

4. He plans for your dates.

He is enthusiastic about coming up with ideas for your dates. He also wants to be in control in that aspect of your relationship – planning dates.

5. He wants you to be with him wherever he goes.

He does not hesitate to take you to places, especially to special occasions where he has to meet with his friends and his family. It only means he wants you to be part of his world.

6. He’s proud of you.

As mentioned in #5, your guy would consider bringing you to those events because he wants to show everyone who he is with. He’s proud to introduce you to any of his friends, co-workers and even his family.

7. He finds a way to help you fix things.


Your guy would go the extra mile just to find the solution to your problem. He wants to keep you happy by helping you fix things.

8. He sees you in his future.

And he intends to make you a part of it. He thinks ahead and he just wants you to be included in all of his plans.

9. He makes sure you won’t shed a tear.

Your guy would not want to be the cause of your tears. He will be that man to calm you down when things become too much to handle.

10. He makes time for you.

Guys can be guys with their big boy toys and friends, but if he misses his special someone, he acts on it. He would even clear his schedule and then make time just to be with you.

11. He wants you to enjoy sex.

Source: Stokpic

He makes sure he is not the only one taking pleasure in the moment. He puts in effort just so you feel satisfied too.

12. He includes you in his decisions.

Whenever he needs to make important life-changing decisions, he wants to include you in it. He wants you to have a say and discuss the matter because he believes you two are a team.

13. He remembers even the littlest of things.

Whether it’s your favorite scene in a movie or a certain pet peeve, your man would make sure he will not forget what it is.

14. He responds to you quickly.

He doesn’t want you to wait for a reply and doesn’t want to play games. Once he gets the chance, he will respond to your text messages rather quickly.

15. He’s loyal.

He doesn’t want to have to deal with anyone other than you. Dating apps from before you met will be deleted. Flirting is not even a thing for him because he has found the one.

16. You just feel that you’re a priority.

When your man treats you like an option, you will feel it. If you are his priority, you will see it. You will feel like you are not the only one making the big decisions and putting an effort into the relationship. You just feel it’s right.

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