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Thanks To This Mom, We Now Have A Shopping Cart That Can Fit Seniors And The Disabled





Shopping carts come with child seats in them makes it easy for parents to do their shopping with their tots in tow. But how about shopping carts that can actually sit adults and bigger children? Thanks to this enterprising mother from Alabama, this type of cart may come soon in groceries near you and make shopping more convenient for people accompanied by an elderly or those with special needs.

Drew Ann Long, a stay-at-home mom, came up with the idea when she cannot fit her 7-year old daughter Caroline in regular shopping carts.

Caroline, who is wheelchair-dependent, has become too big.

It was during one of her frequent shopping trips with Caroline and her 2-year old son that inspiration hit.

“Certainly there must be a shopping cart for the special needs community?” was Drew’s thinking during that time. Because there was none, she proceeded to create Caroline’s Cart, which features a larger seat in a regular shopping cart. It can fit her daughter and a cart of groceries.

The product’s website describes the chair this way:

“It provides parents and caregivers a viable option to transport a child through a store while grocery shopping, without having the impossible task of having to maneuver a wheelchair and a traditional grocery cart at the same time.”

The idea became a hit and soon the cart began to show up in Walmart, Target, Giant, and other major outlets.

The cart also became popular with those who are taking care of senior citizens and wheelchair/scooter dependent people.

Watch this video to learn more about this amazing cart:

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Caroline’s Cart is certainly getting the recognition it deserves. In fact, it was given the 2013 Da Vinci Award for Transportation and Mobility. It’s also set to become emblazoned with Easter Seals iconic lily logo.

We hope more and more ideas like this will materialize to help senior citizens and people with special needs. This will definitely make care-giving easier and more convenient.

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