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Awesome Video Shows Us How A Ship Is Launched For The First Time





Ships, first and foremost, are built on land before they are actually launched on water.

Usually, a launch is witnessed by several people since they are really impressive to watch. It’s not an everyday occurrence and so in most cases, it is something that calls for a celebration.

Case in point, the video below.

Uploaded on YouTube by Dennis McMayer, this short footage shows us the M.V. Greenland being launched for the first time. It is a pretty intense to watch how the huge ship is pulled into the canal by a much smaller tugboat.

This is simply fascinating!

ship-launch 1

Photo credit: Dennis McMayer

Naturally, the ship creates a massive splash once it hit the water, extending to the nearby farm as well as to curious onlookers from the left and right side.

ship-launch 2

Photo credit: Dennis McMayer

It is really interesting to behold, especially when you consider the fact that the video is in real-time and not slowed down.

Here’s the awesome video:

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Kudos to the uploader for allowing us all to see how ship launches are done. It’s actually quite fascinating!


H/T: Rare

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