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Onboard J’ade, The Luxury Mega Yacht With A SpeedBoat Garage And Lots More





Who isn’t dreaming of owning a luxury yacht? Yes, getting one is extremely impossible but there’s no harm in dreaming. After all, most luxury yacht are quiet dreamy aren’t they? Especially when you see this 196-foot mega yacht which features the world’s first floating hydraulic-operated garage for an eight-metre speedboat. But wait, there’s a lot more.

In the non-stop battle of the mega yachts, in order to become the most extravagant vessel that stands out in the seas, it really takes a lot to impress the super wealthy. Helipads, movie theatres, and swimming pools are already quiet common. But this particular mega yacht by a stylish Italian made quite an impression.

J’ade, by the Ferretti group CRN and Studio Zuccon International Project, is making waves for being the first to feature a floating drive-in garage for an eight-metre speedboat. The yacht which estimated to cost around $60m (£37m), took three years to build, was launched only last year but it already won several prizes for its luxurious interiors and innovative designs to make you ‘feel at one with the sea’.

J’ade, the 196-foot mega yacht features a hydraulic-operated hatch to store an eight-metre speedboat.


The yacht is absolutely a must-sea.


It’s a floating garage – AND a pool.


The internal basin floods and empties 18,000 litres of water in just three minutes, allowing the 27-foot speedboat named Riva Iseo to enter the yacht without using a crane. And when you’re not storing your toy speedboat, the garage doubles up as an indoor ocean pool.

The extra-ordinary garage enables the owner to access the yacht from their speed boat internally, via the vessel’s plush lower deck.


Only launched last year, the 60-meter yacht was the star attraction at Monaco yacht Show.

When the speedboat is not being stored, the basin can also be used as an internal ocean pool, located just behind this luxury terrace

The privately-owned yacht was created by Studio Zuccon International Project, and is designed to feel ‘at one with the sea’.

J’ade won the World Yacht Trophy at the 2013 International Boat Show and was nominated for Best Interior at the 2014 Monaco Yacht Show

This luxury vessel can comfortably accommodate 10 guests in four cabins and the owner suite, and 13 crew members.

Soak up the sun while enjoying a life of luxury.

Guests on board the J’Ade can also soak up the sun and enjoy a life of luxury on one of the vessel’s comfy lounging areas, located across all four of the decks

Swimming pool on board.

If guests are too afraid to swim in the ocean, they can take a dip in this on-deck plunge pool.

It has a gymnasium and a spa.


The mega yacht also features a gymnasium and mosaic-tiled hammam room, where guests can sit back and unwind after a day at sea.

“CRN is experimenting,” Luca Boldrini, CRN’s sales director told Boat International. “We’re experimenting in design, in sizes, and in features. Each of the yachts in build has special features in development, and we hope the next step will be to mix and match all these new features in one or two new concepts so future owners can not only have a beautiful, seaworthy and safe vessel, but they can have special features that nobody else has. These will not be special features that are just an experiment, but features clients can touch and feel in other vessels under construction or already floating.”

This is definitely designed to fit the specific tastes of the filthy rich.

A round bath in the master suite.


Guests on board the mega yacht can choose a place to sit at several indoor and outdoor living areas


Oversized windows were purposely built to take advantage of the sea views.

Anyone lucky enough to stay in this cabin can also enjoy a balcony terrace, giving them an even better panorama across the ocean.

Got musical guests on board?

They can tinkle the ivories on this stunning white Yamaha piano, which takes pride of place in the living area

The well-appointed living area combines elegant sofas with driftwood coffee tables and shell-inspired sculptures and bowls to give the room a nautical flavour.


The formal dining table comfortably seats 12 guests, after dinner guests can relax with a digestif on the adjacent seating area.


When the dining table is a bit too formal, breakfast and lunch can be taken on the terrace, with this round table comfortably seating nine people.


The vessel can accommodate 10 guests split across four cabins, plus the owner suite, as well as 13 crew members to cater to those on board.


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Source: MailOnline, CRN Yachts

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