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It Looks Like an Ordinary Residential Area. But When I Saw the Backyard, OMG! I was Terrified!

A bull shark has been swimming in a residential condominium in Florida.


Having a house near the beach has unlimited perks – you get to see the sunrise and sunset as you please, take a dip when it’s hot, and be mesmerized with the view every waking day. But as they say, nothing is perfect. There are always loopholes in every seemingly flawless situation. Take this latest incident in Bonita Springs, Florida.

A line of condominium units in Hickory Avenue is graced with a calm backwater bay. While it may sound so perfect, as the residents can just enjoy the water right in their backyard, it isn’t the case. A bull shark measuring 8-foot long has been swimming in the area recently. The residents said that a shabby fisherman has been throwing fish guts into the water to lure bigger fish. They contacted the city government to help stop the fish feeding, but to no avail.

A representative from Bonita Springs said that the property owners should call the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, as the coastline is under the jurisdiction of the said agency. However, the residents may expect that the shark will stay for long as chumming is legal in the beaches of Florida.

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Credits: NBC2 News via Someecards


Lost Ship Found at the Bottom of the Ocean Contains Unbelievable Amount of Treasure!

A ship that sank during the World War II was finally found and contained tons of treasure!

The details of a mission, which involved the search of a ship that sank in the Atlantic in 1942 have recently been released. John Kingsford and Deep Ocean Search were contacted by the British government in 2013 to look for the SS City of Cairo, which was said to contain 100 tons of silver coins. When the ship was about to sail to Great Britain, a German torpedo sank the ship to the bottom of the ocean - approximately 17,000 feet below the surface of the ocean. Although the mission started and commenced in 2013, it is only now that the salvagers were allowed to release the information.

But it was not an easy job. Kingsford told BBC that the weeks they spent looking for the ship was frustrating. “We weren’t convinced at first,” he said. “But you have to give your team their head if they say they’ve found something, so we looked.” Finally, the team found the ship and recovered most of the coins scattered in the area for decades. “There was a lot a relief all round,” he added. The silver coins were melted and the profit was divided between the search operation team and the UK government. The tons of silver coins obtained were valued at $50 million.

These silver coins were found during the retrieval operation of the SS City of Cairo


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Burglars Armed with Guns in Hospital after Victim Hacked Them with a Samurai Sword

A man defended his home in Argentina from four armed burglars, wielding a Samurai sword against their guns.


Four burglars armed with guns broke into the house of 49-year-old Dias Costa in the Cerro Norte neighborhood of Cordoba, in central Argentina, to steal money and valuables but they all ended up in the ICU after the enraged homeowner fought back.

Costa and his wife, Christina, were rudely awakened by these thieving youngsters who threatened them with a gun.

Then, when the attackers turned back to pillaging their home, the quick-thinking victim took a decorative samurai sword off its display case and began hacking at the shocked burglars.

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A Valet Destroys $400,000 Ferrari after Mistaking Accelerator for Brake.

He didn’t have a great day at work.


It certainly is the biggest mistake in his life – and certainly the most expensive one, too! But what is even more heartbreaking in this story is that the $400,000 Ferrari this man destroyed after mistaking the accelerator for the brake was not his own!

Roberto Cinti, 38, works as a valet and was tasked to bring back a Ferrari 599 GTO at Hotel Exedra in Rome, Italy, for a client. The Dutch owner had just returned from a meeting with the Ferrari Owner’s Club in Anzio, Rome, when the accident happened.

The valet didn’t have a great day at work.


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