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Man Divorces Wife of 19 Years To Be In Relationship With Two Women




  • Shai Fishman, an entrepreneur from Pennsylvania, divorced his wife of 19 years to be in a polyamorous relationship.
  • Now he’s dating Lea and Krissy and shares his advocacy with others through his Facebook group.

He used to be married for 19 years but Shai Fishman eventually decided that being in a monogamous relationship wasn’t really working for him. So after almost being together for two decades, the entrepreneur from Newtown, Pennsylvania got a divorce and is now in a polyamorous relationship with two women he met on a dating site.

According to 46-year-old Shai, the idea first hit him after watching two television shows about polyamory namely Big Love & Polyamory and Married and Dating. He discussed it with his wife Danielle and after many arguments, they gave it a try for seven months. Danielle, 42, however, found it emotionally difficult to handle the changes in their relationship, especially since they have children. The couple decided to go separate ways in 2014.

In 2016, Shai started dating his two current partners 40-year-old Lea and 41-year-old Krissy who he met on a dating site. Surprisingly, both of them were monogamous before they met Shai.

“I believe Lea had mismatched values with her ex-husband and I think there were also feelings for other people which her marriage didn’t allow her to explore,” he said. “I met Krissy five months after meeting Lea – both on a dating site. They both listed themselves as monogamous and ticked ‘polyamory not for me’ but I don’t let that stop me from connecting. You never know how open-minded someone may be.”

Now Shai shares his advocacy for open relationship through the Facebook group Leveled Up Love where they, as of this writing, have over 4,000 followers from different countries.

“When it comes to growth, polyamory has allowed me to grow exponentially both emotionally, erotically, spiritually, professionally, and I’ve had the opportunity to be in service to more people,” Shai told TheSun.

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