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Seven-Year-Old Boy Sells Hot Chocolate To Raise Money For Trump’s Border Wall





A Texan boy is making headlines after he decided to sell hot chocolate to help fund President Donald Trump’s proposed wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. The seven-year-old boy is facing now backlash for his fundraising attempt.

Benton Stevens was filmed operating a hot chocolate stand at a mall in northwest Austin. This idea all started when he watched President Trump’s State of the Union address on February 5 and decided to support his controversial plan to build a wall between the United States of America and Mexico.

It is quite understandable why Benton supports the President’s plan, given the fact that both of his parents are Republican National Convention members. However, his mom Jennifer argues that it was all Benton’s plan and they didn’t push him to do it.

She said:

“He wanted to know about the wall, so we explained what it was about, and he (Benton) was like ‘I want to raise money for the wall.’”

While children usually set up stands for lemonade or iced tea to raise funds for charities and other noble causes, Benton’s stand has been at the center of criticism.

Jennifer also shared that some liberals turned their anger towards the owner of the mall for allowing Benton to do this. She said that “there are more people supporting it than against it, but the people that are against it keep going and going and going.”

Despite everything, Benton and his family returned to the strip mall to do his fundraising yet again but that didn’t end the outrage.

Jennifer shared:

“He was called a little Hitler yesterday. A guy pointed at him in his car, and then he said that we didn’t like brown people. I don’t understand that at all.

People think he’s brainwashed. Well, of course, he supports Trump because we do, and he hears how we talk and this and that. Call that brainwashing, but I call it parenting because we instill our values in him.”

Benton raised nearly $1,400 in two days.

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