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Donald Trump’s Cadillac One Will Feature New Upgrades, To Debut on Inauguration Day

This presidential limousine is going to be awesome!


All eyes are currently on Donald Trump as his Inauguration Day draws nearer and nearer each day. The world is in great anticipation not only about what he will say during the ceremony but also to see what his presidential car will look like.

As we all know, President-elect Donald Trump’s Cadillac One: The New Beast has been confirmed to debut on Inauguration Day.

Reports tell us that the limousine’s features will be even more impressive than its predecessors.

Cadillac One will be equipped with different types of weapons such as tear gas cannons and a shotgun. Also, the vehicle will carry several bottles of Trump’s blood type and an oxygen supply in case of emergencies.

The car’s doors and windows are all bulletproof and sealed off meaning they are built to withstand chemical and biological attacks. Only the driver can roll down a window to pay tolls.

As with previous models, the car will have black and silver paint. It will likewise have camouflage paint to disguise its new features. The car likewise has an 8-inch military-grade armor and its doors are extremely heavy even President Trump will not be able to open them from the inside.

Meanwhile, the tires are Kevlar-coated to prevent bursting. Even if that occurs, the metal rims are strong enough to keep running.

Source: autoblog

It even has night vision cameras, GPS tracking, and satellite communication system which will allow President Trump to always stay in contact regardless of the conditions.

The current Cadillac One first made a public appearance back in 2009. Experts estimate that it costs about $1.5million, weighs about 8 tons, and has a maximum speed of 60mph.

Understandably, some details about the presidential vehicle remain concealed from the public.

However, images of the recent model show us that the limo is capable of protecting the new presidential family with its underside being impervious to road side bombs.

In 2014, the Secret Service proposed a replacement of the Cadillac One and now the new ‘Beast’ will take the place of around 12 cars used by President Barack Obama since 2009.

According to reports, General Motors has been paid $15million to create the presidential vehicle.

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Behold, The Appendix May Have a Physiological Purpose After All

The appendix helps protect humans from infections, studies suggest.

We were taught at school that we have 'vestigial' body parts, such as the wisdom teeth, tailbone, and the appendix, that we can absolutely live without because they gradually lost purpose, thanks to evolution. Sure, we can chew without the infamous molars and we don't have tails to wag for us to need our tailbones; so yeah, we agree that we can do without those two organs. But if you believe that the appendix' purpose, aside from causing humans relentless pain and a potentially life-threatening infection, is a dot away from nil, you might want to think again.

A recent study conducted by researchers from Midwestern University in Illinois, United States revealed how many times the appendix disappeared and reappeared during the course of evolution. They found out that the tiny organ has evolved at least 32 times and has been lost only less than seven times.

The appendix has long been believed to serve no purpose to the human body.

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The Bible just got more real.

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Due to its massive historical importance, the stone tablet was promptly brought to the University of Haifa for preservation and translation. According to archaeologists, the said stone tablet will help shed light on one of ancient Jewish history's most violent battles - the Bar Kokhba revolution. Historians believe that the uprising resulted in the demise of more than 500,000 Jews and the obliteration of 'Judea' from records by the Roman Emperor Hadrian.

The tablet found under the ocean is estimated to be 1,800 years old.

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Most ladybugs help protect crops.

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