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Coke’s Superbowl Ad Showing Why America is Beautiful, Angers Trump’s Racist Supporters





Times have changed in America, with a new elected president, laws, opinions and in a bigger manner people have changed too. The election was a roller coaster ride for many, a woman against a well known businessman, America was in unknown waters. The world was watching as to who would win, whether it was once the first lady, Hillary Clinton, wife of ex-President Bill Clinton or Donald Trump, the famous realtor and reality star.

Trump won, shocking many not only in America but the rest of the world. His promise of making America great again overpowered that of the democratic party’s promises. Trump vowed to build a wall on the America-Mexico border and to kick out illegal immigrants. But one of the most unfortunate thing that Trump ever promised and the first thing he did when he was sworn in, was to stop Muslims getting into America.

Donald Trump’s vision of America has everyone thinking what the future of America will be.

Back in 2014, Coca-Cola’s ad for the Superbowl, depicting America as a nation of diverse cultures and people, was greeted by howls and outrage from white supremacists and racists. This shows how bad racism is in America but because the government was not lenient and was pushing equality for all this was not banned from ever playing on the TV screens and in the Superbowl. The ad was praised by many but it also angered those who think America is not America with other cultures.

But now with Trump rallying people to join him on his campaign against Islam and promoting Islamophobia vigorously this ad should be shown again. This ad shows that color, race and the total diversity that America is known for is what makes the country great, not the absurd fantasy put forth by Republican politicians.

However, Trump’s supporters are terribly upset by the message of togetherness that they’re urging everyone to boycott Coke.

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