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Guy Protests About Most Mundane Things With Funny Cardboard Signs

Not all heroes wear capes – some hold funny signs in public!

  • Seth, better known on Instagram as @dudewithsign, has made the world laugh with his hilarious protest signs.
  • He currently has over a million social media followers and people couldn’t help but love him for his unique brand of humor.

Modern technology has made it easier for everyone to share their opinions about anything anytime. Just imagine: any person with access to social media can rant about any subject – and start long debates – just by a few keystrokes.

That said, we have to admit it takes real bravery (as well as time and effort!) to take your message to the streets. Not everyone can do that or would even bother to do it, despite of how strongly they feel about certain topics. That’s why we couldn’t help but admire this guy who’s been receiving a lot of social media attention lately.

Meet Seth, an Instagram user who goes by the handle @dudewithsign. The lone protestor recently gained attention not only from social media netizens but also from residents and tourists of New York.

You see, he’s been spotted in public holding hilarious (and occasionally, quite controversial!) cardboard signs and everyone’s been loving him for it. Honestly, we’ve seen no one as courageous in protesting about the most random things ever and we can’t help but nod in agreement with some of his points.

Check out his other photos below:

Keep this in mind, folks!

Yes, please…

We have a feeling that girl agrees with him.

So is this the new way of picking up girls?

That’s really annoying. Don’t do that, people!

Shots fired!

Would you guys agree?

As they always say on the internet, not all heroes wear capes and this guy is certainly on our list. Besides, he’s a firm believer that “if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

To stay updated, you can follow @dudewithsign’s official account on Instagram. We’re sure you won’t regret it.


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