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This is How You Can See Who Unfriended You on Facebook





Facebook: it’s where you make or break friends. It has technically become the substitute to our physical relationships that we can do almost anything and everything we did “organically” in the past, but just can’t because we did not have the courage or way to do it.

Like finding out who actually “unfriended” you.

Of course, it’s always easier done on Facebook than right in your friend’s face. But how would you know who did so when you have a gazillion friends on Facebook?

Enter the app, Who Deleted Me…


All you need to do is install the app on your smartphone or download the extension on your browser.


Then, voila! You’ll see who among your friends are “two-faced”…


But this app not only detects who unfriended you…
It can also tell you how many new friends were added to your list.


Photo credit: Facebook

However, the downside is, you’ll never know who unfriended you before you installed this program.
But it’s okay, at least from now on, you’ll know…

So, will you install this app on your smartphone or browser? Leave a comment below.

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