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These Guys Earn $1,000 Per Week For Standing In Lines For Other People

Hate lengthy waiting lines? Well, you can hire these guys!

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Waiting lines are no fun. In fact, they can drive you crazy, particularly if the lines are long and painstakingly slow.

Case in point, lines can be extremely time-consuming and unbearably stressful. If you are a busy person, you probably wouldn’t want to waste minutes and hours of your life standing in these lines.

The challenge here, however, is that if you – along with many other customers – want to purchase certain products or items so bad. Dying to get a hold of that new iPhone product? Can’t find tickets online for a much-awaited concert or sporting event? These are some instances when lining up seems to be inevitable. Still, that doesn’t mean the experience instantly become less annoying and tiring.

Well actually, there is a way to at least spare yourself from all the hassle.

Hate waiting lines? Well, you can hire these guys!


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Same Ole Line Dudes Inc (SOLD) is a group of professional line-sitters who came up with the idea to turn waiting lines into a profitable business opportunity.

SOLD will line up for anything and everything, whether it be a passport or a favorite food.

These guys charge $25 per hour for their services plus they will ask an additional $10 for each 30-minute wait they have to do. Moreover, they will require further charges depending on the weather or if you want your stuff delivered within the areas of Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens.

Some of these “waiters” earn as much as $1,000 a week.

According to Robert Samuel, founder of Same Ole Line Dudes, some of them are making as much as $1,000 per week for their hard work and dedication.

Go watch this short video report:

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Although this sounds like a ridiculous money-making scheme in the outset, the group’s earnings is indeed a clear testament that many people are interested about availing of their unique services.

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