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This Man Will Prove that the Richest Man is Not Always Listed in the Forbes Magazine!





Heaven is for real. At least this is the statement Indian Actor Varun Pruthi is vindicating with his new charity campaign where he promises to shell out one thousand rupee to fifty God-fearing poor street hawkers if his controversial video breaches a million hits by Diwali.

Truly enough, his campaign has caught one of the inspiring moments not projected on the daily screen. He purchased a samosa from a visually impaired samosa street vendor and pays it with a thousand rupee.

Figuring that the generous amount is way too costly for just a 10-ruppe worth samosa, the vendor returns the money to Pruthi. However, as the actor insists of paying a price tag, the amount boils down to a hundred. Still marveled by the amount, the street hawker returned the change and accepted a hug instead adding that it is better given to those who need them the most.

Watch the touching video:

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Meanwhile, Pruthi’s campaign has created mixed reactions as some finds it blasphemy to exploit and manipulate the marginalized sector. As an adviser to Prince Charles’ Prince’s Asian Trust claims, Pruthi is but a hoax making people believe that he as messiah or someone sent by God.

Scripted or not, the truth remains that a lot of good people need not be actors nor does their daily attributions carrying moral values need recognition. All it takes is a blind heart and a clear soul. Cheers!

Share if he makes you feel proud to be Human. We also recommend another heartwarming video of Pruthi with a 5 year old kid who went to McDonald for the first time.

Credits: Varun Pruthi

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