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This Man Will Prove that the Richest Man is Not Always Listed in the Forbes Magazine!

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Heaven is for real. At least this is the statement Indian Actor Varun Pruthi is vindicating with his new charity campaign where he promises to shell out one thousand rupee to fifty God-fearing poor street hawkers if his controversial video breaches a million hits by Diwali.

Truly enough, his campaign has caught one of the inspiring moments not projected on the daily screen. He purchased a samosa from a visually impaired samosa street vendor and pays it with a thousand rupee.

Figuring that the generous amount is way too costly for just a 10-ruppe worth samosa, the vendor returns the money to Pruthi. However, as the actor insists of paying a price tag, the amount boils down to a hundred. Still marveled by the amount, the street hawker returned the change and accepted a hug instead adding that it is better given to those who need them the most.

Watch the touching video:

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Meanwhile, Pruthi’s campaign has created mixed reactions as some finds it blasphemy to exploit and manipulate the marginalized sector. As an adviser to Prince Charles’ Prince’s Asian Trust claims, Pruthi is but a hoax making people believe that he as messiah or someone sent by God.

Scripted or not, the truth remains that a lot of good people need not be actors nor does their daily attributions carrying moral values need recognition. All it takes is a blind heart and a clear soul. Cheers!

Share if he makes you feel proud to be Human. We also recommend another heartwarming video of Pruthi with a 5 year old kid who went to McDonald for the first time.

Credits: Varun Pruthi


Badass Cat Gets Revenge At Abusive Owner Who Kicked Him Off the Chair!

Instant karma.

This is a lesson to all of you who hurt animals. This man did and got Kitty’s well-deserved revenge.

The fluffy ginger cat was snoozing peacefully on the chair when his owner walks over to him and pries him out of the chair. Not contented with what he did, he also kicked the poor thing on its side.

The owner sat down on the chair to strum his guitar while the camera’s plays on. The sulking cat walked up the stairs and walked past some potted plants. Uh oh.

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70-Year-Old Thought That was All His Birthday Surprise. Until THIS was Revealed!

He gets the most unexpected surprise on his special day!

Never in his wildest imagination did Rich, Sr. think that his 70th birthday bash would be such of great deal to him and to his family until the special day finally arrived and boy did his family surprised him in a big wave!

For Rich, Sr., an additional digit on his age is mostly spent with family and friends in the simplest way. However, for this year, his family agreed to add the extra to the ordinary as they gave him not just one but four enormous surprises.

Surprise 1

At first, Rich Sr. was totally clueless about the party set just for him which was celebrated not only with his family but also with his family. With the typical lights-turned-off, he was astonished to see all his special loved ones gathered on his big day.

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7 Couples Recreate Their Old Photographs Together And It’s Just Too SWEET!

These couples prove that true love can last forever…

Technology has it disadvantages yet we also have something to be grateful about our new and innovative world--ease and speed in communication, online jobs, updated news, various and helpful applications within our grasp making our everyday lives more comfortable and rewarding.

Photographs are priceless treasures we owe a lot to technology. These are captured moments we want to last and share to people. Every photo tells a different story, of love, friendship and other significant events which these seven couples chose to recreate.

Using a digital photo album app called Polariod Blipfoto, most of their photos were taken during weddings from years ago, others from early dating days.  The photos are highlighted with some of them wearing the same wedding dress, suit or sweater during their recent photos looking too romantic, sweet and definitely "throwback worthy." Valentine's Day is over but we can't help but feel sentimental seeing each lovely photo and captions written with love that speak so much about happiness.

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