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A 5 Year Old Street Kid Goes to McDonald’s for the First Time. Seconds Later? I’m In Tears.





This heartbreaking video of a 5 year old child who enters a McDonald’s for the first time, will surely reminds you how lucky you are.

Varun Pruthi, an actor from India, is widely known for his controversial and thought provoking videos. He also conducted several social experiments with the intent to make our society a much better place.

In his latest video posted on Youtube, Varun invited a 5-year-old street kid, who sells pens outside a McDonald outlet, to come with him inside.

The child spends his time everyday outside the McDonald outlet selling pens and just staring at the people eating their meals inside. For the first time in his life, thanks to a stranger, he finally got the chance to have anything he wants to eat inside the McDonald’s. Much to Varun’s surprise, the kid didn’t eat everything. He saved one burger for his sister back home. What a thoughtful kid!

When Varun asked why he doesn’t go to school. He answered, “If I go to school, how will I feed myself?”

Watch the heartbreaking video:

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A lot of people think this video is just a publicity stunt. You may wonder, if his intention is really to help someone with all his heart why shout it out so the whole world knows about it? The answer is simple. When guys like Varun upload such videos, millions of people around the world get the chance to watch this simple act of kindness. This video serves as another inspiration for everyone to make a difference in this world and help those who are in need.

Sometimes, you only need the first spark to get the fire going.

Credits: Varun Pruthi

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