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A 5 Year Old Street Kid Goes to McDonald’s for the First Time. Seconds Later? I’m In Tears.

This video will remind you how lucky you are.


This heartbreaking video of a 5 year old child who enters a McDonald’s for the first time, will surely reminds you how lucky you are.

Varun Pruthi, an actor from India, is widely known for his controversial and thought provoking videos. He also conducted several social experiments with the intent to make our society a much better place.

In his latest video posted on Youtube, Varun invited a 5-year-old street kid, who sells pens outside a McDonald outlet, to come with him inside.

The child spends his time everyday outside the McDonald outlet selling pens and just staring at the people eating their meals inside. For the first time in his life, thanks to a stranger, he finally got the chance to have anything he wants to eat inside the McDonald’s. Much to Varun’s surprise, the kid didn’t eat everything. He saved one burger for his sister back home. What a thoughtful kid!

When Varun asked why he doesn’t go to school. He answered, “If I go to school, how will I feed myself?”

Watch the heartbreaking video:

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A lot of people think this video is just a publicity stunt. You may wonder, if his intention is really to help someone with all his heart why shout it out so the whole world knows about it? The answer is simple. When guys like Varun upload such videos, millions of people around the world get the chance to watch this simple act of kindness. This video serves as another inspiration for everyone to make a difference in this world and help those who are in need.

Sometimes, you only need the first spark to get the fire going.

Credits: Varun Pruthi


This Boy Documented His Battle Against Cancer. The Result Will Bring You To Tears!

What an incredible journey.


One of the life’s greatest challenges that any person would not wish to encounter is fighting cancer.  Michael Friedman was only sixteen years old when he found out that he had cancer.  Such news was obviously the most horrifying moment in his entire life.  Remarkably, his spirit to fight cancer remained strong.  Though he could no longer live a normal life due to complications, he still managed to cheer up through the inspiration of his family and friends.   Amazingly, after seven months and 14 rounds of chemotherapy, Michael celebrated his victory against cancer with his friends and family who never left him during his darkest moment.

Have a look at Michael’s inspiring and extraordinary journey.  He kept photos as memories for the entire duration of his battle against cancer to serve as an inspiration to others.

Here is Michael when he got his first chemotherapy.


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Mom Served A Burnt Toast For Dinner But Dad’s Reaction Is Incredibly Touching

A very good lesson about life…. A must read for everyone.


I've read about this story a long time ago. I can't remember when and where. I'm not even sure whether the story is true or not, but it serves a meaningful purpose. This simple story is a true definition of parents setting a great example for their kids. They teach their kids how to be great adults by showing them how to be one. The lesson is pretty simple yet very important. We should learn to take the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of our lives and see the positive side of things.

I wish every couple would get a chance to read this incredibly touching story.


When I was about eight or nine, my mom liked to cook food and every now and then I remember she used to cook for us.

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He Got This Note From a Nosy Couple Who Discovered He Went to a Date But Not With His Wife!

He’s awesome!

The qualification to parenthood is never a piece of cake not to mention if you have to do it all by yourself. Time will come where your parental guidance is put on a test and you will be totally clueless whether your call of judgment is morally right or at least acceptable to the society. Naturally, you just want your child to be treated the best way that they deserve.

So, what did this single father of a six-year-old daughter do on Valentine’s Day? He took his daughter out on a date and treated her like a queen! How cool is that? Not only did he spend ample time with her but also did he show her how a perfect date should be—just simple, sincere and fun!

Delighted with this cute encounter, the father did not even notice the couple just across them who have been spying and simultaneously envying the remarkable experience. So instead of giving the father a standing ovation, they secretly left a note that reads:

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