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Photos of Isolated Amazon Tribe Who Don’t Know Other People Exist Go Viral





Brazilian photographer Ricardo Stuckert had the remarkable opportunity to take photos of an uncontacted tribe somewhere in Brazil when his helicopter flight suddenly got diverted due to a storm. The photos are quite shocking because of the real and raw beauty of humankind.

Brazilian photographer Ricardo Stuckert was able to take high-resolution photos of an isolated tribe in one of Brazil’s protected rain forests.

The photos were taken in the state of Acre near the border of Peru. The small group of inhabitants show a tribe wearing plain clothes, body paint and with weapons. One tribesman even attempted to throw a spear towards the helicopter.

This indigenous community lives in complete isolation devoid of any contact with outside civilization.

Experts of the Fundacao Nacional do Indio, or FUNAI, claim that this is the same tribe that got global attention in 2008 due to the photos of tribesmen in red body paint launching arrows on their low-lying plane.

It is believed that this tribe changes its location every four years or so to avoid encroachment.

The tribe was found in Acre, near the border of Peru.

The inhabitants of the isolated area of the rainforest were surprised to see the approaching helicopter that they scattered inside the forest.

In an exclusive interview with National Geographic, Stuckert shared:

“They seemed more inquisitive than fearful. I felt there was a mutual curiosity.”

The uncontacted tribes live in Yanomami thatch houses like this one.

From the photos that Stuckert took, one could infer that the tribe is doing well despite the fact that they have no form of communication at all with the outside world. There are a little over 300 tribesmen who have made the forest their home. And now, they are actually experiencing possible threats to their lives due to the upsurge of illegal gold miners in the area.

The lost tribe are able to survive with very basic needs and without use of any technology.

The tribe may be safe for now, but it is because of this kind of encroachment that isolated tribes can be lost forever and we wouldn’t even know about it. These people have survived without any form of progress or development or communication from civilization. The least we can do is to leave them in peace.

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